One of those manure spreaders jackknifed on the Santa Ana. Awful mess. You should see my shoes.

17 men gathered at Death Valley to celebrate our nation’s champions. Sadly, the SCMS field actually retains water instead of draining like the fancy system they have in Clemson. Seriously, it’s like the whole area drains to the track and football field and stays there. So, with more rain than I expected, we’d be modifying the original plan a little. After an excellent disclaimer, away we went…

Jog down to the track for a warm-up lap, after dodging the mud at the bottom of the ramp. That’s a service project opportunity for current and former site Qs. Circle up near the gate for a standard warmup. Then line up abreast on the line near the gate – AYG 400. Here come the complaints about not being warmed up enough (maybe because you stood still during the whole warmup, Semi Gloss) and the aforementioned puddles. Recover with some walking lunges halfway down the straightaway. Then 800 AYG. Recovery lunges again. 400 AYG.

Yog over to the bleachers. Mary for a little recovery. Choose a partner you don’t know well (I heard lots of introductions, so success – vets need to partner with guys you don’t know sometimes to help pull them into the PAX). Partner 1 does the exercise on the bleachers while Partner 2 runs to the foul (fair) pole on one of the fields. The Swiper/Hannibal/SG group got a little mouthy – clearly their foul pole was closer than ours. Repeat with Incline merkins, step ups, derkins and dips.

Mosey over into the ball field to the edge of the infield on the baseline b/w 2nd and 3rd bases. After a quick safety recon run to make sure the other end of the sprint was clear, we did a bunch of back and forth sprints. Usually do 10-20 of an exercise, then sprint to the other side (baseline or outfield fence). This may have been the thing I added when the rain flooded the football field. We did HR merkins, CDDs, LBCs, heels to heaven, etc. for about 10 minutes. Done

A couple of other notes: Skywalker was a no-show after suggesting to both me and Swiper that he’d be there. Joker and Smokey were dressed for 10 degree ice workouts. Actually, Joker looked (and ran) like a valet.

Joe Davis Run is this Saturday. Convergence at RockZero for those not racing. McGee is your Q.

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  1. Gummy, enjoyed the workout. That hot lap came up pretty quick man… you may have gotten things out of order on your mental Weinke. After a rather high pace warm up lap I was expecting some side straddles, or at least a few imperial walkers… but no sir… an AYG 400 meters. I was still humming along to the Tina Turner “what’s love got to do with it” that I heard as I got out of my car at 5:30AM when all of the sudden I’m in a full-on 400meter race around the dark track of South Charlotte Middle. I literally thought to myself – mid lap – “what the heck just happened?” After your beloved Tigers won the National Championship I wouldn’t have thought you would have been such an angry Q.

    Not sure how to segue [look it up in Websters] to the next topic so I won’t try. Swiper has gas problems. I mean, I know I used to be “that guy”, but Swiper took it to a whole new level today. I think it’s time for him to adopt an aka to his nickname… Swiper aka Pants Ripper, or Swiper aka Stink Bomb, or Swiper aka Cropduster. You get the idea.

    Lex Luthor went all stud mode today… decline merkins, etc. with the full ruck. Looked like a lot of fun.

    One of the youngsters [19 years old] I think showed up to the COT with grass and dirt all over his face… don’t recall your name, but I was thoroughly impressed with your commitment to the workout! Keep it up young man… you are the next generation of F3 once the old guys like me have to confine ourselves to shuffleboard and pickleball.

    Orange Whip.. I couldn’t catch you today… maybe never, but I’m going to resort to some off the grid covert workouts in undisclosed locations – and possibly involving Russian performance enhancement methods — I’ll be back…

  2. Focus on your strengths. I have to retain my pole position so I use every asset I have. Next time, you won’t be drafting behind me. If you ain’t first, your last.

    Sad thing is you actually were first at pretty much everything this morning #SadClownFace

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