My balls are against the wall!!!!

7 burly men showed up today, scaring off the rain with their huge arms and puffed out chests. Major Pain, Maximus, and YHC showed up extra early for a little pre run of 2 miles. I got a little worried when we came back and saw only 2 new cars (with Urlacher pulling in) that some men chose the warm fartsack instead of the possible cold rain. But instead they were all STRONG iron fist men, the pre runners from Valley were nowhere to be seen. (Though apparently Dingo ran to Tradition then to the Valley? pre-pre-run?)

The Disclaimer was given and we went off for a mosey around church, making sure the rain had been sufficiently chased away from our AO. Circle up for Warmorama:
SSH x 20
IST x 15
Cotton Picker x 10
Calf Raises x 15
Low Slow Squat x 10
HUGE and TIGHT arm circles for the Major

Partner up and grab one cinder block each (two for the group of 3).
P1 : Farmer’s Carry 2 CB across parking lot and back
P2 : Toe Taps
P1 : Carry a CB overhead across and back
P2 : Merkin x 5, backwards bear crawl back to curb, Merkin x 5, bear crawl back to island, repeat until partner returns
P1 : Lunge walk halfway across parking lot with CB and back
P2 : Curb hops

Circle up for:
Lawn Mower Pulls x 15
Curls x 15
CB Thrusters x 15
REPEATO then put the blocks away

Mosey to portico for:
People’s Chair with Self Arm Wrestling
Balls to the Wall
Repeato, switch arms for the SAW

Circle up for
“Shane’s no gym MMA routine” — Do 20s of shadow boxing after each exercise.
20s of burpees
20s of 180 jump squats
20s Matrix Merkins
20s rest
*As I suspected, the Major was having none of the shadow boxing silliness and did things like planking….. Technically I could pretend he was training for the Muay Thai sprawl defense by doing the plank….

At this point, Shawshank was amped up by all the fighting that he had to rush off to jail.

Back to the portico for a dry and echo-y Mary:
LBC x 20 IC
Freddy Mercury x 20 IC
Box Cutter x 15 IC
Pretzel Crunch x 10 each side IC
Dying Cockroach x 15

Good workout this morning men. Notice how the rain decided to return only once I had us head under the portico? Hmmm……

Remember the Healthy Eating Challenge is going on now. Seeker has sent out a few emails, most recent was on Sunday. You can join it through the links in there if you haven’t already. Hope everyone has a good day. And hopefully I didn’t forget any Pax names. Traffic was extra bad so I had to leave ASAP and am copying and pasting / adding to this at work as I’m able…. and can’t exactly pull out the phone to double check the name recording.

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  1. Nice beatdown @Kingluie and pre-run. Nice variety of exercises and adding humor too!

    Thx for pre-running @major and @king louie. My new fit bit likes the extra steps! Glad I can further stretch my F3 benefits to work pre-runs into the routine. Just need to go to bed even earlier! Fairly beat afterwards, but body will adjust.

    Thx @dingo for encouragement to pre-run. Sorry I missed you, but I enjoyed the pre-run I did do.

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