Legs, Legs, Legs

6 brave men gathered on Front Street Tuesday morning to endure 45 minutes of leg burning hell. Luckily, it was just cold enough to make our legs numb during the majority of the workout.


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Side Straddle Hop: 20x ic

Cotton Pickers: 10x ic

Windmills: 10x ic

Imperial Walkers: 10x ic

Monkey Humpers: 15x ic

We took a lap around the Dockhouse parking lots to finish up the warmarama.

The Thang:

Prison Squats: 10x ic

Jumping Lunges: 10x each side

Line Jumps Side/Side Front/Back: 10x ic

Parking lot lap

Repeat 2x


Jumping Copperheads: 10x ic

Split Leg Luges: 10x ic

Box Jumps: 10x

Parking lot lap

Repeat 2x


Al Gores: 5 count for each person

Ninja Lunges: 10x each side

Single Leg Scorpions: 10x ic each leg

Parking lot lap

Repeat 2x



Merkins: 20x

Carolina Dry Docks: 20x

LBC’s: 25-31x ic

Dying Cockroach: 10x ic

Repeat 2x


Nothing too special or crazy. But I can’t walk properly today. So thats a good sign. Good job fellas.





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