A Tribute to the National Championship

6 PAX gathered just 6 hours after Clemson’s defeat of Alabama in the National Championship. We were all happy about the 60 degree temperatures, but the 20 mph winds caught us by surprise. We fought through it though. Here’s how it went:

Mosey around the park to baseball field

SSH x35

IST x31

Irkins x10

Mosey to other field

Raccoon crawl

Abyss crawl

Abyss Merkins x5

Repeato Raccoon Crawls and Abyss Crawls/Merkins

Mosey to football field

Partner Up

Wheelbarrow length of the field (switch when you need to, 5 merkins for permission to switch) (all of the weight is on your shoulders, just like Bama’s offense on the shoulders of Bo Scarbrough)

Partner carry 50 yards (put the team on your back like Deshaun Watson)


Dora 1,2,3

Run length of the field

100 merkins

200 squats

300 LBCs

Mosey to bleachers

Dips x12 (as a tribute to the head referee in the game)

Mosey to Tennis Courts

Round Robin Mary

Freddie Mercury

Rosalita (Aaarrrggghhh)

Flutter Kicks (Ant Man)

Squats (Isiah)

Russian Twist (Dreamland)

LBC???? (Boomer)

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