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F3 | June 27, 2017

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A Goodfella means a tough workout

  • When: 01/11/16
  • QIC: Goodfella
  • The PAX: Early Bird running = StumpHugger, Abacus, Bratwurst, DocMcStuffins ; The Main Event = ShopDog (R), Hollywood, Aztec, Bouche, Frack, Buster (FNG), LongHaul (Kotters), THE Grease Monkey, Bottlecap, Recalculating, Flipper, Landshark, OldMcDonald, Rockwell, Dirty Bird, Enron, SoftPretzel, Bratwurst, Posse, Goodfella, missing anyone else?

Posted on Behalf of Goodfella:


  • Mosey and circle up
    • All IC: 20 x SSH
    • 20 x Imperial Walkers
    • 20 x Plank Jacks
    • 20 x Mountain Climbers
  • Mosey to Hill for Rocks & Partner up: 
    • 1) P1 does Bicep Curls (150 total), P2 does 1 Burpee at each speed bump (5 total)
    • 2) P1 does Overhead Presses (150 total), P2 does 5 Burpees at first speed bump
    • 3) P1 does Tricep Curls (150 total), P2 runs to speed bump and back
  • Mosey to Picnic Benches/Track
    • Grab a wall…
    • Leg extensions
    • (20) overhead shoulder presses
    • 1) P1 Step ups (AMRAP), P2 Runs lap
    • 2) P1 Dips (AMRAP), P2 Runs lap
  • Mosey to other Side of School/Field
    • 1) P1 does LBC’s (150 total), P2 runs to speed bump and back
  • Mosey to Circle
    • At each light: 1) 10 x Merkins
    • 2) 10 x Merkins
    • 3) 10 x Merkins
    • 4) 10 x Merkins
  • Jailbreak to cars for COT…

The Moleskin:

  • Welcome to Frack’s 2.0 FNG, “Buster” (Ty H.)
  • What did you see going on today?  Crowdsource this Backblast in the comments!
  • The PAX List is from the mind of Bratwurst…must be stuck in Goodfella’s phone…missing a couple, so sound off in comments!


  • Join us for a LongSlowDistance (LSD) trail run from Nesbit Park behind Kensington Elementary on Sunday at 0600.  PAX will be running any distance you want, but goal is to run the 4 mile trail end-to-end and back for a total of 8 miles.  2nd F pace to keep the PAX together and no one gets lost.  Bring a Headlamp!
  • Saturday 1/21 0630 – Commitment is converging with daVinci and Stonehenge at the daVinci site (Chickfila Blakeney).  You know where the coffeteria is going to be…


  1. Snowflake

    Is one of the two missing Pax your Q?
    Just sayin

    • Bratwurst

      You weren’t even there, but still have a keen eye for details!

  2. Le Tigre was there.

    Lots of Pax were eyeing the rock Shop and I were using, like Gollum looking for Precious. But my P1 is a certified rockologist. He knows how to choose an effective rock without turning every exercise into a potential skull crusher.

    Great work, G!

    • Bratwurst

      Don’t know how I forgot you man. Wearing the bright orange jungle tiger camo proud!

  3. Snowflake

    I was busy taking a Promethues Beatdown from Stinger and company.

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