8 members of the Herd do the hard thing and get better with YHC

Cool temps made it tough to break away from the fart sack, but 8 loyal members of the Herd did the hard thing today.  Showing up is half the battle – as they say. YHC made sure to reward the pax by getting them warm and keeping them warm throughout our romp around Jumanji today. We all got better.

The Thang

Conditions – 25 degrees with 79% humidity – cold but still shorts weather for Cheddar



Mosey to concession stand

COP (all exercises x 15 IC)
– Imperial Walkers
– Merkins
– Hillbilly Walkers
– Squats
– Windmills
– Plank Jacks

Lap around concession stand

Wall of fire
– each pax run to fence and perform 10 merkins OYO
– Waiting pax People’s Chair
– Hand out-overhead-raise the roof (OMC)

Lap around concession stand

Line up at benches
– 10 dips
– 10 incline merkins
– Lap around concession stand
– Rinse and repeat

Lap around concessions stand

– Low plank
– High plank
– Right arm up – left arm up
– Bird dog plank (RT arm & LT leg up) flapjack

Lap around concession stand

Flying Dutchman
– all pax at picnic table
– One pax runs around concession and one performs merkins on table top while others lift picnic table
– Rinse and repeat until all have performed merkins and have run

Mosey to LegoLand
– get a block
– 1 block burpee
– 10 curls for girls
– One block burpee
– 10 overhead presses
– One block burpee
– 10 chest presses
– One block burpee
– Rinse and repeat

Farmer carry races
– 4 pax farmer carry blocks to speed bump and back
– Waiting pax perform designated exercise (IW’s, squats, HW’s)
– Flapjack x 3

Return blocks

Wall of fire
– People’s chair while each pax runs to sign at playground and back

Mosey to (virtual) shovel flag

– Ray Charles
– Freddie Mercury
– Flutter kicks


– Q101 school this Sat at 0630 led by AB
– F3Haiti mission trip upcoming in fall. Contact Columbo or Ken Doll if interested
– Sign up to Q – many spots available
– Columbo is looking to hand over AOQ duties to anyone interested – AOQ duties are not to be performed indefinitely- 1 to 1.5 years – let Columbo know
– Run group (Stampede) M-W-F 0530 at Parklane Plaza in West Columbia
– F3Clash on Fridays at Graveyard – look on Twitter for details

– False Start dealing with plantar fasciitis
– YHC’s family friend that was diagnosed again with cancer – had leg amputated 10yrs ago to remove same cancer
– All unspoken prayers

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