Raintree loop with some new ground

5:15 came and proper disclaimer was given due to there still being some ice in the area despite what Spackler says.

Caution was advised initially to give the muscles plenty of time to warm up.  We did two laps around the parking lot waiting for someone to get out of their car that they never got out of.  The insturctions were simple if you know how to follow instructions and if you know what a threshold pace is.  There were some stares and “huhs” when asked what everyone’s mile time is.  You use your mile time to base everything else off of for proper training.  Once this was somewhat clarified we set out on our loop.

The loop consisted of intervals at threshold pace followed by recovery to the six and to the next segment.  We ran down Woodfox to Round Run for the first interval at a slower pace.  We did some Brat inspired warmups to Rising Meadow.  From Rising Meadow/Rounding Run intersection we did our second interval to Raintree Ln.  We crossed Raintree and ran down to the bottom of Windbluff for the start of our third interval to Providence Rd.

We did a recovery jog from the top of Rising Meadow/Providence Rd to the bottom of where Providence Rd and Providence Plantation intersect.  We started our fourth interval to the top of the intersection of Cambridge Hill Ln (new territory) and Providence Rd.  Mosey into Cambridge Hill Ln and run our fifth interval to the end of the street.  We did a recovery jog back out of the neighborhood and across Providence Rd.  We did our sixth interval along Providence Rd to Raintree Ln.  Recover and catch the six to mosey down Raintree Ln to the intersection of Whitehorn for our seventh interval to the intersection of 4 mile creek rd.  Recover down Raintree ln to the bottom of hill.

At the bottom of the hill we did our eighth interval to Rounding Run.  Catch the six and recover to Rising Meadow.  Here we did our ninth interval to the top of Rising Meadow.  Catch the six and recover to the intersection of Woodfox and Rounding Run.  Last interval to Strawberry Ln.  Recover the six and do a four minute cool down lap.  Done!

Observations: We need to do a mile run timed again at #F3FastTwitch.  If we are a running workout we should know the metrics we are trying to train for.  #ithelps.  I know we don’t want to get too scientific with it but a lot of the guys that come to Fast Twitch are usually training for something.  I know I have gotten faster and more consistent since I have figured out what numbers I should be shooting for when healthy.

I think it can be hard when we are pushing all of the time and trying to get the most out of our morning to believe it is better to run at a recovery pace to more out of your interval pace.  We did better as the morning went along of slowing down as a group.

Prohibition was the only smart one in the group and YHC should have been more responsible by bringing a head lamp and reflective vest.

Everyone was pushing it out there.  As usual Turkey Leg, Fault Line, Van Pelt and Prohibition were up front.

Icicle lived up to his name by making sure almost every body part was covered.  He looked like a ninja.

Retread and Ironsides were working hard the entire time and their intervals remained consistent.

Utah and the young fellas traded back and forth during the intervals.

Rapper’s Delight mistakenly thought the start time was at 5:30am.  He was dressed for the beach instead of the winter but he is young.  #wisdom

Big props to all of the guys that stayed up to watch the game and posted this morning.

Lastly and sadly Purple Haze had said he was going to show today.  I sure he was celebrating the Tigers win.

Announcements: Blue Ridge Relay sign up is live.  Learn more about it here.  http://blueridgerelay.com/

Joe Davis this afternoon.

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    1. There were a few times I was at the front of the pack. Just so happened to be when Turkey Leg and Frasier had turned back to get the six and I just stopped running. Just as many times I was the six, too.

  1. Great lead Frasier. Your advice is spot on, I’m as guilty as anyone. It’s easy to get caught up in running as fast as long as often as possible with no training plan. Training for ThunderRoad in 2008, I started doing interval work, using varying pace and distance, etc. It paid off big time #BostonQualifier. Plus, I’m all for “recovery” sections in Raintree.

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