Icy Clipboarder Dude in the Jail Yard

A #sixpack posted on an icy morning at #Precinct.  @Mandown was promised a workout without running since he is still on the mend from foot surgery and really wanted back out in the #gloom.  Enter the #clipboarderdude…

The Thang:

Mosey to Jail Yard and pick-up a frozen cinder block along the way.

Warmup COP:  SSH x 41, Windmill x 12, IST x 12, Merican x 10, Mountain Climber x 10

Explain #clipboarderdude – Each pax takes turn selecting an exercise for the other pax to do while he runs to the other end of the tennis court x 2 to talk to the hot babe (basically its a #peoplesQ where the pax who calls the exercise sprints instead of performing exercise). Rinse and repeat, repeat, repeat…

The cinder blocks were available for exercises and they included, but were not limited to: burpees, mericans, squats, bent over rows, lunges, overhead press, skull crushers, curls…

We took one break in the middle to run Avon Hill (it was a great way to warm our bodies, seriously)


Icy clipboard Moleskin:

  1. For a guy who “can’t run” @Mandown did a great job of fast moseying. Glad to see your healing quickly, we’ve missed you in the gloom. (I actually haven’t been there to miss you, but I’m sure the other guys have missed you). #fartsackersunite
  2. Lots of good 2nd F during #clipboarderdude since there is no cadence counting. I’d say we learned the most about @Brutus today and his success in the ’92 Olympics as well as his upcoming trip to Uganda. #godspeedspeedy
  3. Great to be back out with the #Precinct crew! #boyzndahood


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