Area 51/SOB/UCo Update for Saturday 1/7: Note on SAFETY


Joe Davis Run for Recovery is postponed to next week, 01/14/2017.  Details HERE

Workout details for Saturday 1/7 (tomorrow) for South Charlotte (A51/SOB/UCo):

SOB: daVinci to converge at Stonehenge 0600.  Haggis on Q.

Area 51: Ascent/Olympus converge at Rock Zero with Gummy on Q.

Area 51 workout at McKee Rd ES is OPEN with Lobsta Roll on Q.

Union County: Commitment is OPEN.  See Sign Up Genius for Q.

Outland is OPEN.  Monroe is OPEN


Gentlemen, as you know, you are responsible for your personal safety.  Snow is forecast for tomorrow morning.  This means that the road conditions may be hazardous.  You make your decisions regarding personal safety, and, again, assume all responsibility for those decisions.  Please make careful decisions regarding travel to and from workouts and wherever else you need to go tomorrow.  If you do post, it will likely be slippery and more dangerous than usual, given the snow. In making your choices to follow the suggestions of the Q, be very mindful of the conditions you are working out in.  Be careful and stay safe.  Now go get your bread and milk before the snowpocalypse hits.

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  1. Thanks Mermaid. Haggis is king of safety, just ask Champagne about his shoulder and the wall service project . So he will lead the 4th anniversary of Stonehenge being open tomorrow.

    Any pax looking for safety should come celebrate with us at 6am at The Vine American Kitchen followed by extended coffeeteeria at Einstein’s Bagel!

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