Pre-Blast: The Yeti 2017, Less Miles, More Pain

Alrighty PAX! It’s that time of year and I don’t want this #CSAUP to slip by anyone’s radar. Welcome to the 2nd installment of The Yeti! This year things are going to be a bit different. Here’s a list of some of the changes:

    • We’re adding an extra painstation
    • We’re adding trails (ASCG and Baxter)
    • We’re adding a rucking option
    • We’ve decreased the mileage…kidding :)
    • Event will start and finish at Golden Corral

With Pathfinder starting in February, YHC thought he would add some of the Pathfinder challenges (coupon, time hack, etc.) to the Yeti in an effort to help PAX reach their Pathfinder goals. After several failed attempts to incorporate, I realized that I was straying from the purpose of the Yeti, a complete body beatdown with some serious mileage. And let’s face it, we’re big boys and can set goals for ourselves without Zima laying them out for you. That said, there is a rucking option and it may kill you. So without saying much more as I tend to do, here’s The Thang!


Date: February 18, 2017
Start Times
5:00 AM (Rucking Group)
6:30 AM (Running Group)
7:00 AM (Run/Bike Group*)
Finish: 10:30 AM (Estimate)

*If you are biking, please keep in mind that you will be biking Baxter Trails from RnG to Colosseum (ie: use a Mountain Bike)

2nd F at Fort Mill BBQ immediately following the event!

Run: Golden Corral to Ranch: 4.0 miles
Run: Ranch to Bruce Rush Pavilion** (ASCG): 3.5 miles (7.50 mi run)
Bike: Bruce Rush Pavilion to Run N Gun: 3.25 miles
Bike: Run N Gun to Colosseum: 4.0 miles (7.25 mi bike)
Bike: Colosseum to Golden Corral: 2.25 miles (9.50 mi bike)

Total: 17.00ish miles

**You will run the Haigler Lake Loop before the painstation

Rucking Group: Show up to GC no later than 4:45 AM for Prep and BOM!

Running Group: Show up to GC no later than 6:15 AM for Prep and BOM. COP will starts at 6:30 AM.

Run/Bike Group: Show up at GC no later than 6:50 AM for Prep and BOM. COP starts at 7:00 AM. Plan on dropping your bikes off at Bruce Rush Pavillion at 6:30 AM. The Greenway will be opening the gates promptly at 6:30 for us.

Relay Notes: If you are participating as a 2-man relay, the process is very simple. Both Pax show up at GC. 1st Runner departs while the 2nd Runner drives car to the next pain station/AO. Complete the pain station as a group and then 2nd Runner departs while the 1st Runner drives car to the next station. Sounds complicated but it’s really not!

Biker Notes: Obey all posted signs and travel with traffic

Additionally, as last year I’m sure there will be tons of questions. My advice? As with all things F3, these are merely suggested options for the Yeti. At the end of the day, do what you want to do and what feels right. Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself. Remember the first rule of the Yeti…Don’t Die!

Click HERE to view the Yeti 2017 Route

Important Items

  • Signup HERE for the Yeti and BBQ
  • Click HERE for the Mudgear Yeti 2017 Shirt
  • We’re currently looking for Q’s for the painstations. If you are on IR or interested, please contact me
  • As a thanks to the Greenway, we are requesting a min $5 donation from each PAX
  • Updates will be posted as they come available


Update: Here are your Painstation Q’s

Warmup at Golden Corral: WWL & Cobra Kai (Ruckers) / Funhouse (Runners) / Bonsai & Mainframe (Run/Bike)
The Ranch: Sir Topham Hat
Bruce Rush Pavilion: Anchorman
Run n Gun: Len Clamp
Colosseum: Package

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