In the spirit of paying it forward, some genius (not me) came up with a cool idea to help our guys offset the cost of GrowRuck:

If you want to lend/borrow a ruck, tweet to @F3GrowRuck using #lendaruck. Lenders/borrowers work out terms of loan OYO, #Starfish style. GrowRuck will supply the Lend-a-Ruck patch to participants at the end of the GrowRuck event, for them to include when they return ruck.

If other pax organizing custom GORUCK events want to leverage Lend-a-Ruck, GrowRuck can help with patches.

Finally, it’s bad form to return a ruck with any stank on it. Make sure you clean the pack with warm water and mid detergent prior to applying the patch for the return trip to the owner.

Full disclaimer: F3GrowRuck and F3Nation assume no liability or responsibility re use & return of rucks. We’re just trying to facilitate. 

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