Conversational Pace and Speed Development

11 Pax showed up this morning for some Conversational Pace and Sprints
SSH x 10 (IC)
Copperhead Squats x 10 (IC)
Ah-Bay Vigodas x 10 (IC)
Cotton Pickers x 10 (IC)
Lunges R/L Leg x 10 (IC)
4 Warmup Laps settling into a conversational pace (find people you can run with and talk with at same time)
Mid Workout Mary OYO x 10 each
American Hammer
Low Flutter
Peloton Run (not to exceed conversational pace/recovery pace) with runner sprinting at top speed to create a second Peloton – once the 6 is up go to next distance (50m, 100m, 150m, 100m, 50m)
Run 1 mile at any pace desired.
Merkins x 10 OYO
Work Completed
– This being YHCs 3rd Q ever was intimidating when Mr. Hand arrived to experience my Redline VQ
– MC around amount of warmup being like a bootcamp, YHC warned the pax this was because we need to stretch our hamstrings for some sprints
– Conversational pace for YHC was about 20-25% slower than 5k pace, YHC had a chance to chat with Wiki and Manscape
– Explaining and then executing this type of peloton run wasn’t easy; took until the 150m round to get the PAX to spread out their sprints and push themselves to go full speed
– Chisel is a #Fasthole — not a secret but always worth watching
– Final mile for YHC was a nice recovery and overall we got in around 3.7 miles according to GPS
– Continued prayers for #Rustbucket’s brother and the rest of his family
– Party at Bluto’s house 12/17 at 6p – UNC game will be playing
– Bluto has the Q at B&W tomorrow – everyone come out and see Interference’s KB

3 Replies to “Conversational Pace and Speed Development”

  1. Nice work, LeFreak! “Liked” the idea of sprinting, but not being able to fully recover – ie, continue to mosey as part of peloton. Given the choice of running the last mile “at any pace I wanted”, YHC not sure why I felt compelled to try to keep up with Patch. ISI, or something like that.

  2. Great Q Le Freak. Always love teamwork activities like a pelaton. Interference, I was trying to keep up with you. Would have been easier if we clarified that before the mile.

    One correction to BB. The UK game will be playing at Bluto’s party. Not sure who they play.

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