F3Dads 11/26/16 Thanksgiving Edition

Time to burn some of those Thanksgiving calories and wear the 2.0s out a little bit with some F3 Dads Thanksgiving Edition.  After feasting on more than our share of Thanksgiving goodies 50 of the MECA area Dads, a few out of towners and 2.0s posted for some F3 Dads fitness, fellowship and fun.

YHC and my 2.0 Musicbox showed up with a plan and a bum ankle so we knew we needed a brother to jump in and assist.  Insert Clipboard jokes here…  Thank you to Murdock and 2.0 B.A. for jumping in to Co-Q with us.

The weather was great for late November so we jumped right in to the fun.  It went a little like this…

Warmup: SSH x 16 / Wind Mill x 20 / Merican x 10 (or so)  Imperial Storm Trooper x 16 / LBC x 20 /  Cotton Picker x 10

Turkey Trot – Mosey to Soccer field and stop on sideline.

Main Course: Turkey Webbs – 1 Merican / 1 Air Press – Scream “GOBBLE!”, Repeat-O to 5 and back down to 1.  There as some strong Gobblers in MECA.   

Pass the Cranberries – Dads and 2.0s split up into even teams.  Stand one arm length apart.  Cranberry starts with person toward middle of field.  Pass person to person to the outside.  Outside person runs past line with cranberry and starts the pass over again.  Repeat until opposite side of field is reached.  If cranberry is dropped team does 5 penalty Mericans!  We saw many strategies out there and lots of Mericans too!

Plymouth Rock Ladder –

Rnd 1 Climb the Rock (hill), do 16 squats.  Down the Hill.

Rnd 2 Climb the Rock (hill), do 20 lunges.  Down the Hill.

Rnd 3 Climb the Rock (hill), do 16 squats with 2.0 on back for extra credit.  Down the Hill

Rnd 4 Climb the Rock (hill), do 20 Mountain Climbers. Down the Hill

Drum Stick Race – Dads and 2.0s tape legs in three legged race format.  We had teams of 2, 3, 4, and I believe even 5 and 6.  No blood was shed, some leg hair may have been lost, lots of tape was broken but the laughter was what mattered on the field.

Turkey Tunnel – Removed in the interest of time.  Dads plank arms length apart.  2.0 turkeys wobble and gobble on through.

Turkey Shoot – Dads are the Hunters and 2.0s are the turkeys.  2.0s try to cross field without getting hit by our dodge balls. When 2.0s are hit they join the Dads to help finish off the 2.0s.  After three crossings we still didn’t get all of them.  Now the Dads are the turkeys.  Man did some of the 2.0s smile when they found out they get to shoot at their Dads!

No turkeys were injured in these games and I believe fun was had by all!  We all clearly had plenty to be thankful for.

COT – Name-O-Rama A large PAX turnout means lots of names, new and old.  Too many for me to remember.  Thank you to Shazam for closing out our F3 Dads morning in prayer.  Happy Holidays to All!

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