Paying it forward and having fun at the same time – can’t beat that

Four #HIM’s and seven middle school boys from Grier Heights/Cherry Street ventured out to the US National White Water Center for some outdoor activities.   The boys are part of the Bull Dogs Matters/Freedom School programs at AG Middle School, which F3 has supported for several years.  Our goal is to teach the boys teamwork, leadership and respect and also to learn new skills.  The USNWC is a great AO and the boys were able to try new activities and, in some cases, push past fear of heights.

The Thang – Round 1 – obstacle course thru the woods.  Learn to climb over, around, under and along various obstacles.   Sparrow wanted to fly since his claws had a hard time grabbing the ropes.   Chicken Coop and Slum Lord led the boys thru the course with ease.

Round 2 – Put on climbing gear for zip line and ropes course work.  The new zip line is awesome and the line was short on Friday evening.    The new ropes course is also great and has several different skill levels to test you.

ZIp LIne Pictures

Round 3 – Grab a bike and head over to the green trail.  RIde around the lakes was fun and no injuries occurred even though Sparrow went over the handle bars.

Wrap up – Drink a gallon of water (it was hot as hades out there) and some snacks.  Grab a chicken sandwich on way home.

Naked Moleskin – In an effort to develop some stronger bonds with the boys, we decided to go off campus and try something new.  Thanks to USNWC for discount and several PAX that chipped in with donations to help cover the cost.

These young men have challenging environments to grow up in and F3’s efforts make a big impact in opening up their eyes to opportunities in the world.  Our country’s course is discouraging but men getting out and making an impact is how we change the course.  One boy at a time, we can make a difference and,hopefully, one day they will do the same. Please contact me at or @pchepul on Twitter if you think you have a calling to help young boys becoming men who contribute positively to our society.

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    1. It’s a group effort. I should have mentioned that several other men financially supported the outing. We would be nowhere near as effective without F3 bringing us together.

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