F3 Tacoma Launches!

A shovel flag, with a brand new flag, was planted and gifted to the men of F3 Tacoma. 14 men hit the ground running…

The Thang

  • COP – 20x SSH, 15x Merkins, 15x flutters, 15x Mountain Climbers, 15x Squats
  • Run to tennis courts
  • Agassis, first with hand-release merkins. Then with knee-ups. Finally with merkins (Brick’s call).
  • Run to Pagoda.
  • Find a post. Incline merkins x10. Decline merkins x10.
  • Run to back of building, down the stairs.
  • Jacob’s ladder, burpees at top and star jacks at the bottom (Frenchy’s call).
  • Repeato, with FNG Burpee making the call on one end and squats coming from Squirtle.
  • Run around back, back to near origin.
  • Partner up. P1 does flutters. P2 runs up the hill, around the flag, and back down the hill. Do 3x.
  • Stay with same partner. P1 does jumping lunges, thanks to the Linus audible. P2 runs up the hill, around the flag, and back down the hill. Do 3x.
  • Bear crawl up the hill to the flag.
  • Six Minutes of Mary, including flutters, heels to heaven, little baby crunches.
  • CoT


  • Raider’s “I am Third” shovel flag, which he made for me many years ago, made a great complement to a beautiful AO. The water, the hills, the redwoods and the flag welcomed Tacoma’s new originals.
  • A very strong group of FNGs, definitely leaning heavy on the GORUCK side. Fits the personality of the local leadership well, of course, but also F3 and GORUCK have similar missions.
  • The PAX learned about peer leading with YHC’s call outs for exercises. Burpee got his name for the groaner call he made on the second Jacob’s Ladder, but I was cracking up most at Frenchy’s “Wheee!” during his star jack call.
  • Thanks to the guy playing Pokemon for taking our pic. Hope that EH sticks. Actually, there were a lot of guys playing Pokemon. All guys need this.
  • Coffeeteria was at a super cool place called Antique Sandwich Company. I could eat and drink coffee here every weekend. For real.
  • Best of luck to the guys doing the Challenge at Port Angeles next weekend. For the rest of you, Gekko is the Q and Brick will be there with AP as well. Congrats on being there at the start! This is your workout men. “Peer-led.” Make it happen, bring more men.

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