0525 Lord’s Prayer

23 Pax peeled back the fart sack, rolled up sleeves, weighted their Rucks down and posted on a high humidity gloom in Midtown.. (Still no sign of many Old School Brothers..)

The Thang:
Stretch..25 SSH…short jog

Iron Horse Q

10 manmaker burpees
15 f3 Merkens
5/5/5/10/10 ab set
Crunches/V’s/up&outs with 6″/flutters/Mason twists
Lunges 10 each
Lather rinse repeat

Dimples Q


10 Burpees with 3 Merkin push
10 Lunges ISO
15 Imperial Walkers F3
20 Merkins w/ MC
25 Plank Jacks F3
30 Squats (10 Air Squat, 10 LCRC Squat, 10 Sumo Squat)

Jugs Q

The “500 Hill” with Rucks and Sandbags (Partners)

100 Ruck Chest Press (partner runs 200m hill and back with Ruck/Sandy)
100 Merkins W/Ruck (partner runs 200m hill and back with Ruck/Sandy)
100 F3 Planks Jacks w/Ruck (partner runs 200m hill and back with Ruck/Sandy)
100 F3 Dips (partner runs 200m hill and back with Ruck/Sandy)
100 Dips (partner runs 200m hill and back with Ruck/Sandy)
Plank and hold till ALL Finish

100 Straight Count Merkins w/Ruck

COT: Prayers for McGregor’s Mother as she continues to battle. Please keep Revs former Foster Child (Triston 3) in your hearts, mind and prayers. Welcome back to Quack from his Europe Trip, although his sidekick Duck wasn’t there, we think he may of found love and stayed, who knows! Hope to see him soon. FNG Mark Tomlinson got his handle today, “Seabee” glad to have him for his 3rd post. Be a leader, prayer works, do something better than you did it last week, enjoy your family and friends constantly and never laugh enough! Guys, we are lucky to be healthy and out there doing what we do, each day is special! The Pax lifted up all their wives as well and significant others for all the hard work and patience they continue to give, hourly! Have a great week! Bring more FNG’s!

*Thanks to Handy Manny for coming out and taking a few pics today, it was a nice surprise. Looking forward to you back out with us soon!

“Life can change so fast, so unexpectedly. Love when you can, while you can, as long as you can, as much as you can”


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