GRL Class 1111 & 5 Blind Mice

We launched on November 7, 2015 with 7 Savannah Redwoods through F3 Summerville by F3 Columbia. By the 4th week, we were encouraged to do a #CSAUP. “A what? And why?” was asked? “They’ll need to do a Light first” was replied during a #coffeeteria conversation. Several weeks later the PAX began to speak about an upcoming Savannah #CSAUP event in March called a GoRuck St. Paddy’s Day Light. By mid January the commitment happened and 5 were enlisted or enrolled by EH.

3/19/16 rolled around and YHC along with the other 4 blind mice met at the designated AO and began to meet the other participants of this Ruck Light. It was a pleasure meeting the 3 F3 Summerville brothers and the 1 from F3 Greenville. At 1400 hours the Cadre called us to formation. Once we figured out he did not mean a true square, we lined up in formation of 9 columns of 4 rows. He called on some of the PAX’s 2.0’s and they led us through our warmup. Since our class was GRL 1111, our magic number was 22. The first Cadre 2.0 called on was none other than YHC eldest son,  Jango. He decided to lead us off with Burpees. So 22 were done to his cadence. We then were led by three of Deuce’s four 2.0’s which included LBCs, Diamond Merkins, and Goofballs. One or two other 2.0’s selected more and we were lined up to assist in getting the weights out of the Cadre’s clowncar (literally because it was the tiniest car and carried a whole ton of stuff.

Weight was distributed and Randy was put in the lead and we headed off. We rucked north down East Broad, meandered through the Savannah streets and down to the crowded River Street, then across to MLK. We had our guest bull weight stolen and the perp was chased and tackled and the bull was returned. The fact is we would have let it go since it really wasn’t ours but since it started with us, we had to end with it. From there we went south toward City Market, east to Johnson Sq and up to Oglehtorpe along Abercorn to the fire station. Restroom break and a hose down along with some flutter kicks for calling the Cadre “Sir”. We then headed down to Bull and south to Forsyth where we began to form a family bond by forming two lines and doing an elephant March for 80 yards then had to Burpee Frog Jump back. After recovering we headed east toward Broad and south back to our start point. From there we played trivia to empty our sand bags which left us with only needing to mosey 200 yards with a sand bag each time to empty, staying together as a team.

We were congratulated by our Cadre and given our patches and before the State Insect could take any more lives, we departed.

Too much to type for the take-a-ways and honestly, the take-a-ways for each are personal. Just know this, you CAN do more than what your body is telling you at any minute. You are NOT going to die.

(I reserve the right to return and edit this at any time)

One of the Team Members, wrote this:

Any of these that you don’t understand, you should have doubled down with the tough. Lessons learned this weekend:
1. A $12 stroller can save your life so think outside the box
2. Everyone loves a drunk except for the sober
3. A box of lucky charms can get demolished in less than 60 seconds but only if everyone eats sugar
4. You can make up a minute and a half if you push
5. People out at ~4am with their kids and grandma are angry
6. Sedans can do wicked burnouts on wet roads
7. Toughs in Savannah have an odd tendency to have issues with almost getting struck by vehicles
8. Nothing is worth 300 burpees
9. Children are the devil
10. Stealing from a group of GRTs may result in you being tackled on River St
11. If you ever stop at a fire station during an event you should already know what’s about to happen
12. You can burpee frog jump for a long time, but Montreal can make you frog jump further
13. Some people are really awesome at remembering names, some people are really terrible at remembering patches
14. Don’t sign up last minute
15. Most importantly, someone for the love of all that is holy bring LOTS of bug spray.

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