Metro Domination of Cupid Cup 5K

Dredd and OBT: You might be onto something with this F3 thing in Metro.

WHAT WE DID: 3.1 miles – Up and back down EAST BOULEVARD in 30 degree weather.  Run like you stole it.  A great 5K supporting heart health.  Also, lots of F3 from outside of Metro.

SKINNY: 7 from Metro and ALL 7 on the podium

Postfontaine – 2nd overall (16:59) (#2kudos #youtherealmvp).

All-Star – 1st in 35-39 age group (18:45) (#readyforBoston #didnotevensweat).

Subway – 1st in 40-44 age group (18:49) (#bestlookingtoo).

20/20 – 2nd in 25-29 age group (18:57) (#blackroses).

Disney – 1st in 45-49 age group (19:28) (#oldmanstrong).

Schnauzer – 3rd in 25-29 age group (20:17) (#headcold).

Lalanne – 3rd in 65-69 age group (27:20) (#realoldmanrealstrong).

For those counting, @Cindy did not compete in yet another individual event (in 2016).

Peace be with you,


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