3S2T: What Exercise Should Breed

The King is the exercise component of the FirstF. Daily exercise is essential part of the Daily Red Pill a Q takes to maintain High Impact. How a man gets his daily dose of the King is up to him and highly subjective. One look at the Exicon should convince you of the infinite number of ways there are to exercise. What we are concerned about here is not so much HOW to exercise but what you should be getting out of it.

There are five ultimate objectives from the King: Strength, Speed, Stamina, Toughness (physical) and Toughness (mental), 3S2T. Let’s break them down.

STRENGTH: a man should be strong enough to easily do the things he is routinely called upon to do in his life, whatever those things may be.

We say “easily” because having a solid reserve of Strength is critical to being able to unscrew five or six really tight pickle jar lids, not just one. A man never really knows what he might be facing on a given day.

I used to spend a lot of time bench pressing in the Army. One day a guy asked me how many times I’d had to push something heavier than myself straight up while lying on my back. The answer being “never” led me to rethink my workout routine. My life as a soldier was physically rigorous, but it was more about pulling and pushing my own body weight against gravity and carrying heavy stuff on my back for long distances. Bench pressing may have made me strong, but it was the wrong kind of strong, which is just about as useful as being weak.

Your King should make you stronger than you need to be in the way you need to be.

SPEED: a man should be able to move quickly across varying distances.

Last summer I was at a party when an older relative started panicking because her husband (who had gone back for something to the house where we were staying) had been gone far too long. Fearing the worst, she wanted to go check on him, but since he had the only car and the house was about three miles way she didn’t know what to do. I told her not to worry, that I go make sure he was OK. “How?” She asked. “I’ll run,” I said calmly. And I did, in kakis and dress shoes I ran three miles back to the house where I found the man sitting happily in front of the TV watching golf. I looked at my watch and realized I’d made that run in just about 20 minutes. I could not have done that if I had not been constantly running to catch up with younger faster men. Someday, the Speed you train for may save someone’s life.

Your King should help you run as fast as you need to run for as long as necessary.

STAMINA: a man should be able physically sustain for long periods of time.

Stamina is the useful combination of Strength and Speed for prolonged periods. It is the antidote to fatigue, and fatigue makes cowards of us all. Men gain confidence from Stamina, because knowing one can continue to physically persevere in the face of the unexpected keeps a man from being overwhelmed by worry. Putting the women and children in the lifeboats means you may have to swim for your life. Are you ready to do that Brother?

Your King should give you a body built for the long hard haul.

TOUGHNESS (Physical): a man should not be deterred by pain and discomfort.

They all told me I was going to fall off, but I got on my daughter’s Hoverboard anyway. Then, with my feet heading toward the ceiling I knew I was falling five feet to the hardwoods. Yet, I did not reach out with a hand full of breakable small bones to break my fall. I just let myself be slammed to the ground because I knew my six could take it. I run (and fall) a lot in the dark cold gloom with a parking lot for a yoga mat. The kids laughed, my wife smirked but I popped back up. The only thing bruised from that fall was my ego.

Your King should help you keep on ticking after you take a licking.

TOUGHNESS (Mental): a man’s mind should be in control of his body.

One day this old sergeant told us we were going to run four miles in 32 minutes. An easy loop. But as he ran us back to the starting point, we just kept right on going for another 200 meters. What the heck?! He said four miles, why did he make us run farther than that? As it turned out, he hadn’t. We ran exactly four miles because the finish line was not the same as the starting point, and that sergeant never told us it was. We had just assumed it and our bodies told us to quit at the 3.8 mile mark. And even though most us were not all that worn out by the 8/minute pace, a lot of us (including me) did quit, not for lack of Stamina but for lack of mental toughness.

Your King should toughen your mind as much as your body.

BOTTOM LINE: Get some King daily and do it any way you want, but make sure it leads to 3S2T.

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  1. I will also advocate to add “flexibility” (physical and mental) to the King. It helps us do the jobs we are required to do. Perhaps most importantly, it helps us avoid injury. If you are injured, your strength, speed, and toughness could go for naught. Aye.

    1. Aye Brother. I vacillate on whether stretching (warming up, etc.) is part of Exercise or part of preparation for Exercise. Either way, I fully agree that it is a Must.

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