Community Leadership Foundation: The next step for your region

A growing region will soon begin to find itself asking what to do to address the growing amount of men in the community who are pushing into the third F. While F3 does not align or affiliate with any particular faith, this might make itself evident in the COT at the close of the workouts or organized studies at coffee shops throughout the week. As the “dynamite” of the ThirdF is detonated, the region needs to embrace not regulate this activity.

F3 is not a church. We believe there are plenty of those churches who are wanting and hoping for many to come through their doors on a Sunday. Likewise, many of the churches are trying to figure out how to reach out in the community. F3 just does. Our structure catalyzes the process for a man and accelerates him towards those problems in life that he feels destined and born to do. We hold that man accountable to that action through the relationships he has formed while doing 100 burpees on a 33 degree morning in the sleet. When a man needs to go deep in a faith, send him to one of your countless places of faith in your community. Additionally, they also have resources for many who might need counseling or other services that F3 is not equipped nor wanting to provide.

The gap is helping the man who is starting to grow in his Third F and linking it to a life of action and purpose in the world around him. This does take awareness and a foundational understanding of key principles that start to look and act like faith.

Therefore, as a region sees this start to happen,the goal is not replicate the institution of faith but the exercise of helping one live it out. That is where the CLF is stepping in. CLF will help in arranging a series of high impact topics that a region can take, modify, rearrange, and implement. There are a few things however that a region needs to do in order to prepare for CLF.

Establish a Third F Q. It is best that this man is not a Pastor, Rabbi, or Sheik as not to represent any one particular faith. A regular man of the PAX who has demonstrated a Dolphin/Daffodil for helping men on their journey to explore the idea of Faith in his life. This man should have demonstrated that he walks his values, has moral fortitude, and recognized for his character. You probably know this guy already. He’s just waiting to do this and has most likely self identified. He leads most your ball of man prayers, is sought out for advice, etc.

Establish 3 critical Q’s or site Q’s to support this leader. The first is a Q for Whetstone (F3 Mentoring Framework) and the second is a Q who can help in organizing and coordinating events for the region. (These are the bible studies, book clubs, and the gatherings like “invergences” (Like a Convergence, except the model is “inverted” and the Third F is the focus during the gathering combined with Second F) that support the Faith topics for the region). The last is your serve Q. This is the leader who will organize the community serving efforts and link back to the other Qs.

Plan out 12 months worth of Third and Second F activities for your PAX on a schedule. Define what would success look like for developing the Third F in your region. How many studies are going on? How many men are in formal Whetstone partnerships? When will you organize your Invergences to align with these activities? How will we partner and create high impact community serving opportunities for our PAX?

Pick a goal for the year and figure out how to measure it. Hold Qs accountable for those metrics.

Once the above is defined, CLF can be the dynamite in your PAX to begin to go deeper into the development of your leaders in your region. The CLF Qs are already leading these discussions in Charlotte.

Final note. As you build this there will be criticism. Some will say this has started to get religious. Some will say it isn’t religious enough. Keep pushing when you hear this. This is the sign and natural reaction that you are beginning to detonate the ThirdF. Men who have never asked what they believe and then through deep reflection and accountability begin to live it out, well….that can be an interesting thing.

What growing men of impact need is an outlet. Not an institution. CLF helps give that man an outlet as well as a chance to go deeper in what has been opened in his life. Our role is to help that man on his journey and focus his efforts for good. If you want to know more about how to begin with CLF in your region, contact Santini.

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