Epicenter #AMRAP Mania

11 PAX gathered in the Saturday #gloom for a full body beatdown that featured the Epicenter original “Franken-Kneelers.”  From head-to-toe, these Pax  made a huge down PAINment in order to #getbetter!  AMRAP Mania began as such:


Warm-Up:  1)  25 SSH, 2) 25 Grass-cutters, 3)  25 Overhead Claps, 4)  15 forward & 15 backward Tiny Arm Circles, 5)  20 Windmills, 6) 20 Copperhead Squats, 7)  20 Flutter Kicks, 8)  20 Plank Jacks, 9)  50 LBCs OYO, 10)  Pax Choice – Coack K 20 Mountain Climbers, 11)  Pax Choice – Special K – 20 Russia Twist, 12)  Pax Choice – Judge Hairy 20 Freddy Mercury

Coupon Shuffle (PAX retrieve Coupon and meet on small hill near shovel flag)

AMRAP Station one:  10 man-makers, sprint hill – touch fence-n-back, 20 overhead block-presses, sprint hill – touch-fence-n-back, 30 block curls-for-the-girls, sprint hill – touch-fence-n-back.  Rinse and repeato (10 minutes)  Mosey to soccer field, leaving coupon.

AMRAP Station two:  4-Corners.  Sprint long side of field, walk/jog short-side.  Stop at all four-corners and perform 10 Franken-Kneelers (arms out like Frankenstein, kneel down on one knee, kneel down on both knees, return to standing one-leg-at-a-time) – (10 minutes)  Mosey to nearby picnic shelter.

AMRAP Station three:  Upper-body Picnic.  PAX find their place at a picnic table.  15 dips, 15 bench-merkins, 15 double-step-ups.  (10 minutes)  Mosey back to soccer field.

AMRAP Station four:   Sprint long side of field, walk short side.  (8 minutes)  Mosey back to Coupon HIll.

AMRAP Station five:  30 Monkey-Humpers, bear-crawl up hill – touch-fence-n-back, sprint backwards downhill.  Rinse and repeato. (10 minutes).

Mosey to Shovel-Flag.  Count-O-Rama.  Name-O-Rama

Announcements – Prayer Concerns – Ball-O-Man

Optional Devo:  2 Peter 1:3-4


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