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F3 | July 26, 2017

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Leap 2015: Triple Jump

Leap 2015: Triple Jump

On the heels of last fall’s successful plants of F3 ShovelFlags in Nashville, Tenn., Richmond, Va., and New Orleans, La., The Iron Project has committed to fund three Spring 2015 Leaps that will target key cities in F3’s growing footprint.

  • GREATER ATLANTA: To supplement the Chastain Park/Buckhead workout that recently celebrated its third birthday, we will plant workouts in mid-April in Piedmont Park and the Perimeter communities of Dunwoody/Sandy Springs and Alpharetta. Leaders of the Buckhead group will assist with these launches. This will also be a test case for how F3 enters a major metropolitan area with multiple simultaneous workout launches.
  • BIRMINGHAM: A key city as F3 continues its expansion into the Mid-South, with potential concentric growth to Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville and Mississippi (if Nola doesn’t get there first!).
  • JACKSONVILLE: The sprawling capital of Northern Florida is a natural for F3 workouts from Ortega to the Beaches, and will be a base for concentric growth north toward Savannah and across the state to Orlando and our existing pax in Tallahassee.

We also are pleased to announce additional 2015 Leap plans:

  • Fall 2015 plants in Chattanooga and Memphis, Tenn., Tampa/St. Petersburg, Fla., and Louisville, Ky.
  • A “Mustard Seed” Leap to Portland, Ore., in support of Raleigh’s Johnny Utah.
  • A potential fund-raising effort to support a Leap to the San Francisco Bay Area.

You have Leap questions … we have Leap answers …

Q: What is The Leap?

A: The Leap is F3’s methodology for planting workouts in new cities that are out of driving reach of existing regions. Leap Plant Teams are assigned a target city and work with us in building up the launch, inlcuding researching the target city and developing a launch strategy and location. At the same time, Leap Plant teams are collecting names of potential FNG’s. The key objective of a successful Leap Team is obtaining a group of 5-15 men in the target city who are willing to be involved in pre-launch training.

When launch week arrives, we send an F3 leader to that target city for three days in the middle of the work week. While there, he leads three early-morning workouts designed to indoctrinate potential leaders in the F3 workout style and methodology. In the evenings, he meets with those same men to walk them through the basics of how we execute the F3 mission: to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

That first guy goes home and that Friday, another F3 leader flies into the target city. He will lead the first official, public F3 workout on Saturday.

The following weekend, a third F3 leader flies in and leads the second public Saturday workout. (A key success metric from last fall’s Leaps to Nashville, Richmond and New Orleans: Each group scheduled its own weekday workout(s) during the week that followed public workout #1!)

By the end of this two-week period, potential leaders in the Leap city have been to as many as five workouts led by experienced F3 guys and have spent 3 hours or more learning the foundational elements of F3 and why it has such an impact on men’s lives.

Members of the Leap Plant Team stay in touch with the emerging leaders of the new city and support them through the early weeks and months of growth, answering questions and providing coaching and guidance. Once a Leap city plants a second Saturday workout and fills out a weekday workout schedule, it is eligible to form official leadership and become an F3 Region.

Q: How is the Leap funded?

A: Revenue generated by F3’s licensing agreements — so far, primarily the one with MudGear as our exclusive provider of F3 logo gear — is used to reimburse F3 leaders for their travel expenses and, starting this year, provide modest stipends to leaders of the plant teams who invest large amounts of time and effort in Leap planting.

In addition, the leadership of Area 51 has generously offered to direct profits from this spring’s F3 golf tournament at Olde Sycamore to fund additional Leaps. More details on that are coming soon.

And, of course, direct donations are always accepted (see the bottom of this post for a PayPal button)!

Q: You mentioned a “Mustard Seed” Leap to Portland, Ore. What is that?

A: The Raleigh pax are pioneering this model, where a region bands together to fund a Leap in support of one of their own in a new city to which he has relocated. In the case of Raleigh, Johnny Utah is moving to Portland, Ore., and the Raleigh pax are raising money to send a team out there later this year to help him plant F3. Similar efforts are being discussed for other pax who have moved downrange — contact your Region’s Nant’an if you’re interested in starting a similar effort on behalf of a pax member who has moved DR.

Q: It’s nice you’re going all these new places, but I’m from My Hometown, U.S.A., and boy, they really need F3 there. How do I get you guys to Leap there?

A: As you can tell from the above, we’re proceeding with a regional growth strategy that aims to get F3 across the Southeast and Texas by the end of 2016. If you want to jump the line and try to get F3 to Nebraska … or New Jersey … or New Mexico … or wherever … on an expedited schedule, we’re happy to draw up a budget and brainstorm ways to raise the money and build a Leap team. To launch such an effort, we’re asking the pax who would lead such an effort to pledge $1,000 in “earnest money” to kick off a fundraising effort.

Q: How can I help?

A: As we grow the base and expand the scope and scale of the Leap, we need pax to be part of Leap teams! If you’re interested in being the guy who travels to a Leap city and does the mid-week training, that’s awesome — but even if you don’t have that flexibility, you can still be part of a Leap team. We need people to lead marketing and IT outreach efforts to Leap cities, guys who can get on the phone with potential leaders in a new city and explain the model and get them fired up for the pre-launch training, and many many others. Leap leadership (Uncle, CR and OBT) is developing the playbook that our Leap teams will use to take F3 across the Nation, and we want you to help us execute and improve it! Email the leadership team at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

In addition, welcome pages are now live for Atlanta (, Birmingham ( and Jacksonville ( — this is a great place to direct guys you know in those cities where they will be able to register to get updates and information. We’ll also have Facebook pages for each of those Leap efforts live in the next week or so. Or send e-mail addresses for your contacts in our target cities (both male and female — Ms are often key EH drivers) to the Gmail address for the target city: email hidden; JavaScript is required; email hidden; JavaScript is required; email hidden; JavaScript is required.

If you live within concentric reach of Charlotte Metro and are interested in helping with Atlanta, Birmingham, Jacksonville or a developing effort to Leap to the San Francisco Bay Area, we will be having an informational dinner this Sunday from 6-8 p.m. at a TBD location. Email OBT (email hidden; JavaScript is required) for details on that.

Finally, if you’d simply like to make an unrestricted pledge to the Leap, click the button below!

  • On January 21, 2015


  1. Abraham

    If there is ever any interest in Hattiesburg, MS I know a ton of people there. Lived there for 7 years. Nice town of over 50,000. It’s called Hub City for a reason. It is the hub between New Orleans, Gulfport, Moblie and Jackson. University of Southern Miss is there, largest university in Mississippi. Let me know if you want to target that are. I can help and would like to.

  2. Big League Chew

    I’ll seconded that and raise ya one. Tupelo, Ms, my home town, is loaded with #sadclowns. I know a bunch of guys from high school trying to lose weight or not. Don’t know how much I could motivate them to come out but I can give it a try. I also have a brother-in-law on the outskirts of Memphis located in Olive Branch, MS who is ready to ditch his $175 a month cross fit box.

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