GORUCK Red, Light & Blue 001- FNG to GORUCK Tough in 6 Hours: 5 Lessons Learned

Inspirational reflections from Drop Thrill:

Greetings to all in F3 Nation!  Wow has it been an amazing almost 5 months in the Nation!  March 29 after much EHing by Big League Chew and Byron (Charlotte South/Area 51) I finally posted for the first time at Ascent.   After trying several sites I finally settled on Outland and posted there for the first time.  As with all the F3 sites I’ve posted at, everyone was welcoming, but I just seemed to click with these guys and we’ve become fast friends and brothers.  In the process of getting in shape, losing weight (currently down 40 lbs. since December), Big League Chew (yes I’m calling you out!) started some serious EHing about Byron and I doing the Red Light & Blue custom GORUCK, August 9.

I thought I had some good excuses lined up: but each fell, one by one.  I signed up and started training. Dora’s M Amy (who was the only lady in the Heavy group I might say), suggested I start doing all 3 of my boot camps with the ruck on, until RL&B.  Good gracious was that a wakeup call!  3 days a week with the ruck on for most of the time was intense, but I noticed by the end of July a marked difference in my strength, agility and speed when I didn’t have the ruck on.  Outland even got a taste of good livin’ a few weeks back when they played Pass The Ruck, during the workout.  I don’t know if there are many converts yet, but Hair Band is looking to join me for a ruck next year.

So that brings me up to August 9.  I was honestly a bit scared, I had some idea what was about to happen but not totally.  Kind of like my first post to F3, I wasn’t sure what these crazy people in black were going to do to me!

The morning dawns and my stomach is not a happy camper.  Temptation to stay home was pressing on me at every turn, but I went.  BLC and I got to the site and started gathering along with the 86 other participants, the biggest custom group in GORUCK history!

Unbeknownst to me going into the ruck, there were actually going to be 3 GORUCK experience options: Heavy, Challenge & Light.  I chose the Challenge level, and we headed down the neighborhood streets behind Charlotte Bridge Home, which the ruck was supporting, towards Independence Park which is located only a few miles from downtown Charlotte.

Before we even made it to the park though, our first challenge as a group was, including those under the log, was to pass Cadre Bert’s group.  We stepped up the pace and passed the Heavy group!  Today I found out that Cadre Bert wasn’t too happy about being passed and apparently shoe privileges were somehow lost for that team for a while.  Sorry guys!  We were just following orders!

There were so many lessons learned during the day and resonate to this moment:

1-      Yes I Can Do It! – At two points we had to jump into a nasty reflecting pool for all kinds of fun.  It was one of those things you just have to push yourself to do, in spite of the fact your brain is telling you to stop.

2-      I Can Go Farther – Towards the end of the ruck, the People Crawl (I’m guessing that’s the name) reared its ugly head and I had to somehow crawl across 40 of my new best friends and then make it to the end to become part of that chain again.  Wow was this tough, I really can’t recall a time I was so physically and mentally exhausted.  Even after falling off once, I somehow made it to the end and held on for dear life as my brothers and sisters made their way across too.

3-      I Know Far Too Little About Our Military History – I was very humbled and moved by the stories from the Cadre and F3’s own Angler.  Words don’t suffice.

4-      I Don’t Show Enough Appreciation To Our Military (Especially Viet Nam Vets) – I think that says it all.

5-      The End Isn’t The End – After all the good livin’, we had to get down into a pushup position and HOLD IT until our Cadre came by with our patch.  This was so painful for me and so hard.  The People Crawl was certainly the hardest thing I did all day, but holding that pushup about brought me to tears.  We all have stuff we are battling, many of us are in tears daily but we must keep pressing on.

So a newbie no more am I. GORUCK Red Light & Blue 001 is in the books and I will forever be a part of that team which is pretty awesome and amazing.

If you haven’t done a GORUCK event yet and are thinking about it, consider a Light.  Light doesn’t equal easy, but it is certainly doable if you are a regular at F3.

Thanks to all in F3. Brothers you have made me a better man and pushed me to new heights I didn’t know I could reach.  I’m excited to see where all this leads, cause God is too good to let all this go to waste.  My transformation has been amazing and isn’t over, but it just proves that anyone can do this stuff.  As our disclaimer says “We’re not professionals…” but in my book the only difference between professionals and amateurs is a paycheck.  I know F3 Q’s that have more passion and drive than any trainer I ever met in a gym.  Keep after me, and I’ll do the same for you.  Peace, love and respect to all.  Aye!

Drop Thrill

9 Replies to “GORUCK Red, Light & Blue 001- FNG to GORUCK Tough in 6 Hours: 5 Lessons Learned”

  1. Awesome post! Proud of all the progress you have made and I know there is more to come.

    And yes, I totally want to do a Goruck!
    That is where my interest in doing pass the ruck when I Q’ed came from, it was a chance to give everyone at Outland an appreciation of what you had been dealing with those past few weeks with extra weight on your back. (And I admit it was inspired by a Dora beat down)

    Consider it the free sample to give us all an appetite for the real thing. :)

    I don’t think there are many things out there like F3 that has seen so many men make good change in their lives in a healthy way. It’s awesome to see it in our lives and inspirational to see it in others!


  2. It’s great to hear how F3 continually plays such a large role in opening doors for men to walk through and see how, through the help and support of those around them, those men can accomplish their personal goals.

    The men of F3 played an important role in helping team SPEARHEAD make the inaugural Red, Light, & Blue Charity Custom GORUCK Light event such a success for the Veterans of Charlotte Bridge Home. Through the GRL, the War Stories & Free Beer event the Friday before, and the family party afterwards, team SPEARHEAD was able to raise over $5,000 for Charlotte Bridge Home’s Veterans.

    More importantly, all who participated helped fulfill the Charlotte Bridge Home’s mission of better connecting Charlotte-based Veterans into their community…and F3 should be very proud of the role they played in helping achieve this.

    Red, Light, & Blue 002 is already scheduled for May 2015. We hope to see all of you (and more) there again!

    Thank you, F3!

    Dora, on behalf of team SPEARHEAD

  3. T-Claps to Bob The Builder, Dora, The Hoff and all the men of SPEARHEAD for conceiving, organizing and implementing Red, Light & Blue 001 with GORUCK, LLC for benefit of Charlotte Bridge Home and all of the participants. I know that F3 Nation is as proud of you as I am for your leadership in creating this extraordinary event.

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