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F3 | June 29, 2017

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AG F3 Campus Cleanup – Chance to Give a Little Back

AG F3 Campus Cleanup – Chance to Give a Little Back

Calling all available hands – Saturday, August 9th at 8:15 there will be an F3 sponsored campus cleanup at AG Middle School for a couple of hours after the 7:00 workouts.

Lots of F3 Metro participants use the AG campus on a regular basis – let’s show our appreciation by helping the AG Campus Beautification team spruce up a little before school starts.

We’ll be performing the following tasks:
–        Spreading mulch
–        Picking up trash
–        Cleaning out beds
–        Pulling weeds
–        Trimming bushes
–        Removing dead shrubs
–        Laying pavers

We will be serving coffee, fruit, and bagels – save a few $ on coffeeteria!

Please bring the following tools if you have them:  wheelbarrows, shovels (wide flat ones are good for mulch), rakes, weedeaters, blowers.

Please comment below if you can make it and what tools you have – we will fill in the gaps from the tool bank.

Grapevine and THE Reverend Flo-Rida.



  1. Grapevine

    Grapevine is in – brining a wheelbarrow, a couple of shovels, rakes, weedeater, blower

    • Grapevine

      If you can make it but don’t have a logon you can email email hidden; JavaScript is required

  2. Superman

    Pitchforks for mulch typically work well.

  3. Marv is in… bringing wheelbarrow, and rake.

  4. Black Bird

    In. Will bring rake, shovel and wheelbarrow.

  5. Senor Chips

    Chips is in. Will bring rake and shovel. Maybe wheelbarrow too if I can resurrect it.

  6. Reverend Flo-rida

    rev is in. bringing blower and rake and shovel. And I am bringing Bishop– everybody is always saying what a tool he is….

  7. Caddy and FiA Vinny are in. Rakes and weadeater if needed.

    • Grapevine

      yes bring the weedeater and rakes – thanks for your support

  8. Eminem will be there, bringing all the energy he can muster after a Skoal Bandit kettlebell core blitz … but no tools. #lovincondolife

  9. Booth is in and can bring wheelbarrow, rake, and shovel

  10. Mr. Green

    Mr. Green is in. Bringing shovel, rake, weedeater, maybe a wheelbarrow. Plastic bags, too – likely made from recycled plastic!

  11. Skoal Bandit

    SB is in…will show up rain or shine as we will be wet from Core. Bringing shovel, rake, and sarcasm. Thanks to G-Vine and the Rev for organizing!

  12. Chelms aka Tatertot

    Chelms in and will bring rake,shovel, and a foreman’s hat (I plan on directing operations #cityboyhands)

  13. Barracuda

    ‘Cuda is in. How about a leaf blower… And pitchfork

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