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F3 | May 31, 2016

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SIB – 300’s to start a new Empire

F3-SIB launched with 24 PAX into the brisk gloom of Tuesday morning at the AG Middle School track.


  • runcoach inspired warm-up and workout session as things are changing over towards the longer distances training for the Blue Ridge Relay, Fall Marathons, and other endeavors.
  • 1.25mi Easy on the track
  • 7 Drills composed of Toe Walking, Heel Walking, Rhythm Skip (PAX favorite), Bounding, High Knees, Butt Kicks (a.k.a. hot coals), and Quick Skip – ~20m of drill with 80m stride following – Details HERE for explanations of what each drill does, videos for proper form, etc.
  • 3x100m strides
  • 3x300m at 1mile Race Pace (the fastest we go at SIB) with a 100m jog in between.
  • 400m recovery job with all PAX
  • 3x300m at 1mile Race Pace with a 100m jog in between.
  • 10min (1.25mi) cool-down
  • Total miles between 5 & 6

The Moleskin:

  • More warm-up, drills, and cool-down than what’s “normal” at SIB were called for by the runcoach  schedule today.  Only 1800m (a little over 1mile) of hard running.  Seemed odd at first, but YHC came away strained by this one.  Perhaps it was some of the drills hitting parts of the legs and feet that aren’t normally hit, each 300m seemed like a race to some (continue many PAX for those to 1mi and you would have several sub 5:00 milers out there), and a relatively short recovery (100m) for the distance covered after 300m.  All of that combined to being a much tougher workout than it looked on paper.  Good stuff!
  • Drills felt funny in some respects and we can go ahead and rename the Rhythm Skip to “Tinker Bell”.  Felt really weird and goofy – video here
  • YHC’s target on the 300m provided by runcoach was :59 (5:16/mi) based on the recent 2 mile time trial.  Due to the PAX-effect, each was more like :55 (4:53/mi) and YHC was 6th or further back many times behind Nash, Easy Rings, eHarmony, Wolf, the Show, Ice9, and Stinger – those guys must be fast MILERS (or as Easy Rings claims “has no idea what pace is”).


  • Habitat build this Saturday –  Talk to PC.
  • Pay your Mud Run transport!  Talk to CR.
  • Mudgear will have new F3 branded compression socks and sleeves.  Also several Area Operations have new customized shirts (including Tar Heel blue).  Check it out!
  • Forest Hill workout starting in April – start recruiting PAX.  Talk to Uncle for details.
  • SIB QiCs will be changing soon.  YHC has had an employment change from the Southpark area, and there is an opportunity to plant a speed workout closer to home in Marvin / Weddington.  Will be making official announcement and schedule soon, and SIB will take on a multi-headed QiC model with several PAX standing up willing to take the reigns.  Expect change within a couple of weeks.



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