Last Week to Buy Tickets to the Bobcats Event

3/17/14 Updates: 1) Those PAX who buy upper level tickets to the Bobcats game will sit with the Mission I’m Possible guys who are coming to the game (and not consume alcohol). Please consider this as part of the F3F event. 2) We also need volunteers to give rides to the morning workout and the game. They can contact Slaughter if able to help. Finally, 3) we’ll take volunteers to participate in the CORE workout version at the arena where the MIP guys will be.

Original publish date of Sep 30, 2013 @ 15:47:

Former Title: “F3 Foundation Event: Excuse me, Mr. Jordan.  We’re trying to work out here.”

On the morning of Saturday, March 22, the men of F3 will have an opportunity to work out with a new perspective. Our venue will be Time Warner Arena! Rather than sitting in the seats, watching the court, we will be ON the Bobcats home floor. We will start the workout on the court, and then have the rest of the facility to utilize however we choose. I can see the wheels turning in the minds of our more evil Q’s—hundreds of stairs, the concourse that is about 1/4 mile around, chairs for dips, railings for pull ups and plank walks…could be the kind of workout that makes you say ”Could we PLEASE do some burpees?”


  • You will need to buy a ticket to the game to participate in the workout. The Bobcats play the Portland Trailblazers that night. Our commitment is to 200 tickets—they have already been bought. We will have 2 sections—one upper level and one lower level. The idea is that if you are bringing the M and 2.0’s, you might want to save some scratch. We have 118 lower level tickets for $48 each and 82 upper level tickets for $37 each. Only F3 men will be able to participate in the workout – that is the Bobcats’ deal, not a F3 rule. You can buy tickets for your immediate family/significant other only initially. We want to make sure we have enough tickets for everybody.
  • We will have a group photo to commemorate the event and t-shirts as well.
  • Each ticket will include a $10 donation to F3 Foundation. We are hoping that the Bobcats will be contributing to our cause as well. Workout, watch the game, do good…the kind of stuff F3 is all about.
  • The workout style will most likely be a traditional boot camp. No whining, no kettle bells, no LSD.
  • The game will be that night. We will be putting together other activities throughout the day, including a pre-game meal. Folks from out of town are encouraged—we will have a deal on hotel rooms, as well as deals on activities for the 2.0s.
  • Optional 3rd F opportunities as well, especially for those that spend the night Saturday and want to get their week started on the right foot.
  • The Spartan Race is also this weekend. You can double down with Bobcats on Saturday morning and Spartan Race on Sunday morning.


  • 7am – Check in at Lowes Home Court entrance
  • 7:30am – Painfest Begins – Approximately 75 minute workout utilizing court, stairs, escalators and concourse area
  • 8:45am – Workout will be wrapping up
  • 8:50am – Circle of Trust
  • 9am – Workout complete


  • 6pm – Doors open to the general public
  • 7pm – Tipoff Bobcats vs. Portland Trailblazers


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22 Replies to “Last Week to Buy Tickets to the Bobcats Event”

  1. In for 2. Since I sold haywood and the gang on the idea, I figured I better set a good example. I am currently the Q of record , though I have a plan based on the former governor of Ilinois’ senator replacement selection standards…

  2. I just purchased my upper level ticket so that I can hang out with some of the residents at Charlotte Rescue Mission. Please let me know if you can help shuttle guys for the workout and the game. Mission I’m Possible. We need more folks in the upper level.

  3. So what’s the info on this? I’m assuming its still on. If we bought two tickets do we just show up at workout with the +1 F3 brother and sign in?

  4. T-claps to Haywood and others for the workout Sat. AM and the game Sat. PM. Appreciate F3F ordering up the best Bobcats performance of the year.
    Painful beatdown also administered by Hillary for my group. 90 minutes seemed like 2 hours, but it was an awesome morning.

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