Better Hydration for the F3 Nation

If you’ve done your food journal for the past 2 weeks, you can clearly see it’s not all that easy. Even though I told you not to change anything about the way you eat, did it make you more conscious when you picked up that Snickers and looked at the nutritional info on the back? Haha, good. That’s a major point behind the food journal.

Take a look at the data from the past 2 weeks. Where are your calories coming from? Liquids, fats, carbs? You want a balance. Without knowing what your numbers are, I can probably tell you that you need to lower your carb intake (NOT eliminate), lower your fat intake, and increase your protein intake.

So now that we can see WHAT we’ve been doing, it’s time to take on CHANGING. The next 2 weeks, I want you to do two things:

  1. HYDRATE BETTER – Primary Goal

Hydrating Better

  • If you find water bland and boring, grab those little flavor things they sell (Mio) if you must.
  • Goal: Work up to 3-4 liters per day. This may mean eliminating soda’s or sweet tea to hit that goal. Pace yourself.
  • Purchasing a water bottle you keep with you at all times greatly helps you in achieving this goal. I’m rarely without mine.
  • Where did I get my numbers? From here:

So how do you know if you’re taking in enough water? Next time you hit the bathroom, what color is your urine? Take a look and compare the color to this chart and adjust accordingly:
*Disclaimer: If you’re using a public restroom, don’t whip your phone out, pull this chart up and start comparing what’s in the toilet with the chart.

Make Healthier Food Choices

  • If you go out to lunch everyday, make better restaurant choices: Subway, Chipotle (my personal favorite), etc.
  • Sometimes the restaurant choice isn’t up to you. Wherever you are, make better meal choices: Instead of that burger, see if they have fish (not fried), or lean chicken.
  • If you eat dinner out with your wife, try splitting a meal instead of both of you getting a full meal. If you do get a full meal, only eat half and take the other half home.

Remember: FITNESS is NOT just working out in the gloom with the pax, just like FAITH is not just showing up to church on Sunday.

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  1. I kind of take nutrition pretty seriously too, and I like your posts. But all of us could be careful with what restaurants say is good for you versus what really is good. Example: Subway markets “eat fresh,” but they would not be removing yoga mat materials from their bread w/o being checked. Don’t assume that fast food or sit-down restaurant ingredients are the same you use at home. Or, slightly changing your advice, don’t eat out every day.

    1. TOTALLY agree AP. Knowing what’s in the food you eat is extremely important, and the safest thing to do is eat fresh and healthy at home.

      Eating out is an “At your own risk” kind of thing any way you look at it. In this day and age, telling people not to do that gets you all kinds of weird looks though.

      Thanks for your comments, glad someone is liking these. I hope it reaches the rest of the faithful as well and if anything, makes us take a stronger look at the fuel we consume!

  2. This is a great idea. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my health since keeping a water bottle at my desk at work. I can pretty mindlessly go through it three or four times over the course of the day.

  3. Great info Crash. I’ve personally started trying to make better choices when I eat and drink. I haven’t had sweet tea any of 2014 (trust me, this is a big deal because I used to drink A LOT of tea). Also this year, my family and I have started eating more meals at home and eating out as little as 0-1 time a week (eating at home includes weekends too, which is when we typically ate out more). It wasn’t a personal favoriate of mine at the start, but I’ve given it time and seeing the advantages of eating at home. I’ve discovered much healthier meals to eat at home. Getting fresh ingredients versus buying lots of pre-package stuff (including pre-packaged meats). Yes, it takes a few extra minutes to make but I’m feeling the difference (more energy, trimmed down, and better workouts with the PAX). I’m seeing that I really do have to watch what’s in foods when not at home. And agree, Subway may say “eat fresh” but I have a new perspective on the truth about them.

    1. That’s GREAT to hear BBQ! When I was at my heaviest, we ate out and did take out quite a bit. Even though a lot of times I tried to make “healthy” choices, they still weren’t as healthy as cooking fresh, wholesome food for myself at home. Props on dropping the sweet tea! I know that’s tough. Only thing I’d tell you though, is don’t completely deny yourself if you LOVE it. Give yourself a cheat day where you have a glass of sweet tea. If you do that, I guarantee you’ll be able to keep all of it up in the long run. Thanks for reading!!

  4. I’ve been trying hard to document my food using MyFitnessPal and sticking to the 1760 Calories it says my body should intake to reach my goal. I’m finding “life” gets in the way a lot. Working late so you have to grab something quick. Didn’t have a chance to shop for all the veggies we need. Laziness. You know the routine. But having documented what I eat, I find I start to feel guilty when I eat things I know I shouldn’t. So it’s working at least. Also, my wife and I are getting on board with pre-making meals for the week so that we just have to re-heat them. Maybe 2 or 3 times per week. I never knew how much of a lifestyle change “eating right” can be.

    And what really gets me is how much more expensive “healthy food” is from processed food. But I digress…

    It’s working though. Between F3 and eating better, I’ve lost almost 12 lbs. 8 away from my goal!

    1. That’s awesome Pothole! It makes a HUGE difference that your wife is on board with you! And you’re right, “life” makes it REALLY tough sometimes. But as long as you find a balance, you’re succeeding! Pre-making meals not only helps make it easy, it can help save you money also!

      Yeah, don’t get me started on how healthy food is so much more expensive. A preview of what I’m going to talk about next time that may help: food co-ops. We used to do a co-op with a farmer that lived in Lexington. I think when it was all said and done, we got a big basket of veggies for around $20/week? There’s a website I used to have that would help you find farmers that did this near you. I’ll post it for next weeks post.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s great to hear that you are having success! Keep at it and see you in the gloom!!

      1. We are using a service called Brown Box Veggies through Veggie Gals.

        They have a large box full of veggies and some fruit. Local stuff. It’s $24.00. They have an all fruit box for $15.00. It’s a lot of veggies for $24 and it doesn’t require to sign up for a co-op or require you to shop for veggies for the next person. They gather all of the veggies, box them up, and send out the notice every week. You pay by Thursday and pick up on Saturday. They have several different locations. We’ve been using them for about 6 months now. The veggies are always fresh and they really pack the box full!

        Worth a look.

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