Detox Wrap Up

First things first:

If you were part of the detox contest, make sure you enter you weight Monday morning in the comments section. If your MyFitnessPal user name is different from your F3 name, please note that in your weigh in comments too. I’ll announce the winner in this comment section on Tuesday evening.

Detox Wrap Up

During this time, what did you learn about yourself, your eating habits and alternative eating options?


Congrats, you just wasted six weeks.

Hopefully that is not the case though. As I mentioned in week one, there is zero legit scientific evidence that a detox of any sort has any long term benefits and there is actually a case to be made that one can have the opposite effect. Even if you followed this plan legalistically, your body is not really in any sort of “purer” form than it was six weeks ago, undoing years of damage. Unless of course you went from fast food or fried chicken every day to detox. Yeah, you might notice a few differences.

So then, what was the point? Other than potentially reducing our waistline, it should have provided you a starting point to change some long existing eating habits. If the foods that we eliminated were tough or you found them impossible to give up even for three days, there is probably a strong indication that you are indulgent in that area and eating too much of it can or has had long term effects on your body. Many of which were discussed during the six weeks.

Personally analyzing my own diet, I found that fried foods, fast food, deserts and cheese were easier to give up than I thought they would be but breads, pastries and pastas were really hard and the food I failed the most with. Yet, they are high calorie contributors.

Diet Analysis

If you aren’t going back through your log and looking at the days you failed on your personal goals, you are missing out.

I can look through mine and see the days I had problems with self-control on the detox as I mentioned above. I can also look and see that days where I did the worst were days I was on the road, at a function where I did not have the ability to order food (pot luck dinners included), days where I had an exceptionally long (for me) run and had a super inflated nonchalance about my diet, and a few days where I was situationally depressed and didn’t care enough.

What this tells me is that instead of making an extra effort at good choices such as making a vegetarian plate at a pot luck or picking vegetables over mac and cheese at a restaurant I didn’t choose, I succumbed to my old bad habits. And more often than not, because “the seal had been broken,”  it led to another bad decision later in the day or even the same meal.

Another thing I personally noticed is I made fewer vegetable substitutes than I thought I might at the outset. It was incredibly hard for me to just order the salad or make one. Sure I did so from time to time and added more frozen vegetables when I cooked, but overall, I did not add a great amount of vegetables to my diet as I should have. I will be spending some time concentrating on smarter vegetable choices and recipes.

So what now?

Well now that the “detox” is over, I encourage you to take what you learned, positive or negative, and use that information to shape your diet going forward.

Make healthier choices more often. Leave more room for the foods you love, but in better moderation. An example might be, commit to only eating pizza on a day that you run 6+ miles. Or only have a cookies for desert if one meal in the day was only a salad without cheese.

Shape it to what works for you but do something to keep the progress going. I also encourage you to stay on MyFitnessPal and log your daily meals. Sure it is a pain, but it is an excellent way if food is a struggle for you to get metrics that will help you along the way, not just in areas of weight gain/loss but also for cholesterol, sodium, carbs etc.

Also perhaps take more time to plan out meals for the week. I found that when I looked at my calendar and knew what days I would have a harder time completing the detox goal for the day, I did a better job of planning my grocery shopping and cooking to have a meal substitute, or could bring a lunch to work or knew that I needed to eat a salad for lunch because dinner was going to be cheat meal.

Keep it up so that when the next group starts asking for a detox you can share what you learned, the long term impact for you and how to approach a change in eating habits.


22 Replies to “Detox Wrap Up”

  1. 195. It would’ve been 193 if weigh-in had been 2 days ago, but I blew it over the weekend. :( Oh well, that’s still a solid 8 lb. loss overall. And more importantly, I have developed some new habits thanks to this challenge and the consistent use of MFP. This is just the beginning for me. Thanks to all who invested time and creative energy into this!

  2. Not in the contest. Started 184 and now 172. Stuck at 184 for about 4 months and this helped to get me down to my target range, with some buffer for inflation.

    Great lead and learned a lot about making good decisions. Well worth the time and effort.

  3. 197 – I hit the wall about 2 weeks ago and have been stuck on 197. All good though! Eating a whole lot better than I was before the detox. And plan to jeep it up!

    Thank you for doing this!!

  4. Gator, thanks for taking the lead on this and great job as Q! I’m not in the contest and made it through the first four weeks before I bailed. However, I learned I could live without deserts and cheese…at least for a while. I actually felt pretty good at times eating mixed salads with some chicken or salmon mixed in. I lost about 6-7 pounds over the first four weeks, but really wasn’t trying to lose weight. I’ve put a couple of those back on but that’s ok for now. As I told Moniteur, who claims it’s all about #moderation, I needed a catalyst for change. The F3Detox definitely helped and I will be a better eater going forward. Thanks again Gator!

    P.S. I think for me personally I could eat well during the week, cheat on the weekends, and pretty much maintain my weight. However, probably not the best plan for overall health!

    1. A few of the articles I came across actually said this was not bad as long as you ate healthy during the week and didn’t go to-to overboard (like Romans and their vomitoriums overboard) you should actually be okay. Because health and diets are cumulative. Not built on 1-2 bad days or 1-2 good days.

  5. 171.5. I fell off the myfitnesspal wagon, but did overall stick with the diet. I struggled mostly with bread, but now have gotten over the hump. Think I will only eat good bread moving forward, no more buns. Thanks for leading!

  6. Gator, thanks again for taking a lead on this challenge. It made me do something that I could not do on my own. Support was incredible. My MFP name is TolgaC and final weight was 176.

  7. I did not participate in the Challenge (would have failed miserably), but just read this blast and the comments while on a late-night/early-morning work call (#multitask), and opted for carrots and hummus to keep me awake, instead of chips and a beer.
    So you’re having a positive impact even beyond your primary audience. #starfish

  8. This is my 2nd annual F3 Cleanse. Similar success although I was not as disciplined as the first time around. I must say, it was a bit easier in that your leadership helped to spread good diet ideas. The MFP is wonderful at accountability and variety of foods. Hammer went from 203 to 188. Goal was 185 so still trying to reach it. Thanks for your leadership.

  9. Final weight: 167.8

    I didn’t exactly hold to the program by any means as I didn’t give up bread or dairy nor did I adhere to the one cheat per week maxim. That said, I did make a lot of healthier substitutions for what I’d normally eat and, as a result, lost a few pounds. Since I wasn’t trying to lose much, I’m okay with that.

    I’m very much in a similar boat as GAAP. I try to adhere to a fairly good program of healthy eating during the week, but often lose my way on the weekend. Though I offset that with lots of distance running, I doubt it’s ideal. At a minimum, the detox is a good reminder of making healthier choices and staying conscious of how you’re fueling yourself.

    Tclaps to Gator and the other Qs.

  10. I was at 225 for a loss of 9 pounds. Pretty much just lost the winter weight I had put on. Workout volume decreased because I’ve had trouble falling asleep and getting up on time so this was a great deal in part to diet.
    I plan to stick with at least the calorie count portion and hopefully get more workout days in to keep the momentum going.
    Like others, bread was a huge battle for me. I had no problem subbing Ezekiel Bread at home but found days I was craving a sub, and sometimes gave in.

  11. Congrats to everyone who stuck with it!! Just a few stats:

    Out of the 37 men who logged into the initial post with their weight, nine men followed up here. I hope more stuck with it though.

    Of those nine men, an average of 10.8 lbs per man were lost! There were two outliers (one of which I’ll get to in a second), so if you took that out, you still have and average weight loss of 10.55 lbs per man!

    Over a six week stretch, that is really healthy progress. Especially since bread started to deescalate a lot of guys’ progress starting in week four.

    Smuggler wins our contest though, losing a whopping 17.4 lbs!!! For him that was also the highest percentage of weight loss with 7.6% body weight loss, just edging out Hammer who lost 7.4% body weight and 15 lbs.

    Now the trick is to not put it back on. And that is my hope for everyone who participated. Keep logging into My Fitness Pal and monitoring your daily intake. It is good to hold yourself accountable here.

    Smuggler managed to lose all his weight with a steady diet of (I can only assume) fruit smoothies and an exorbitant amount of Zaxby’s Salads. Seriously there were on average two Zaxby’s posts a week.

    Smuggler gets a $50 gift certificate to Leroy Fox. Email me at and I’ll get that in your hands.

    Great work everyone!! Keep it up!

  12. Great job on this Gator. Thanks for all the info and encouraging words along the way. My weight stayed about the same, but I was in this to improve my eating habits. I’m glad I participated and it gave me the push I needed to make some changes – less red meat, much less sweet stuff, and more fruits and veggies.

  13. Finished at 181.6. Like many others I cheated more than I should have and tapered off the MyFitnessPal logging, (coincidentally this was a very busy time in my life), but also like others I learned the importance of really analyzing what I eat and sticking to a program to monitor my intake. I also took Gnarly Goat’s pre-cleanse advise that “it’s OK to be hungry sometimes”, so whereas in the past I’d mow down on whatever snack was nearby when hungry, now I’ve trained myself to wait a bit before eating a good, healthy snack.

    So thanks to all for putting it together!

  14. That is awesome Two Toes! Keep it up!

    I’ve gained two pounds back but it is because I have been situationally stupid. I have not planned ahead on meals (especially dinner). Need to shore that up and go back the other direction.

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