POW, POW, POW! F3Ski 2014

Flea posting on behalf of Orlando

Febuary 5-9 Goldminers Daughter – Alta Utah

The Thang: Wednesday was a transition day with clear blue sky but when the sun went down it started snowing and we did not see the sun again the whole time.  It snowed for most of the time with the official count of 28” for the time we were there.  By Thursday afternoon we were all Skiing on the mountain getting a preview of the big snow that was about to come.  For the following days it did not stop snowing!  By Saturday night we had so much snow they closed the road into the canyon and forced anyone with a morning flight off the mountain.  The rest of us were on lock down in the hotel until Sunday at 9am. We met daily as a group for breakfast at 7:30 then back at the bar around 4:30 then as a group we had dinner at about 6:30.  The first night we had a ping pong tourney in the basement but the other nights were just worn out and too full from the 5 course dinner especially the guy from Raleigh, Tapeworm ( he got a new name) who ate 3 entrees!( not sure how he did that).

Moleskin: No burpees, no running, but just worn out from skiing every day.  The hotel staff and accommodations could not have been better.  This will be repeated next year on the week following the superbowl which happens on Feb 1 next year- the trip will be feb 4-8, mark your calendars.  They are reserving room for 50 for us, I have a feeling we will be asking for more.

Thanks for the memories,


Editors Note: T-claps to Orlando & El Cardinale for bringing this trip to F3Nation.  This is the second extended workout I have had the privilege to post.  The first was F3Wind last May.  There are other CSAUP events but there has been something special with these. 

Tears of laughter hanging with the Hate Hates at dinner.
Shredding the pow with your brothers.
Goldminer’s Daughter Lodge (no words will do it justice)
Going hard everyday till you drop.
Sharing childlike joy just having fun outside.

I hope that everyone has the opportunity to post to one of these in the future. 


17 Replies to “POW, POW, POW! F3Ski 2014”

  1. What an amazing trip. Seriously the type of trip I will think about every day until next year rolls around. Really enjoyed meeting everyone and sharing a massive dump of the best snow on earth, excellent food, perfect accommodations and off the charts 2nd F. Thanks to all who put it together. Flea, that is masterwork on the video. Thanks for those efforts.

  2. Hadn’t skied in 10 years. Took a lesson on arrival to get my ski kegs back, then spent a majority of my time enjoying the 45% of Alta’s 2200 acres dedicated to Intermediate skiers. Beyond awesome experience. I will never go 10 years between trips again as long as the body is capable.

    World Class 1st F, World Class 2nd F and a place that requires reaches in and enlightens your 3rd F, truly God’s Country.

    HC quick for next year, this one will fill up fast.

  3. Great trip! Couldn’t think of a better 46th birthday. The snow was awesome (although there was so much coming down it made it hard to see….$100 investment in new low light snow goggles solved that). Great 2nd F every day and was amazed at the diversity of the group. Timing next year aligns with 47th birthday….great excuse for M to allow me to go. Enjoyed meeting everyone and looking forward to 2015 trip.

    Great job on the video Flea.

  4. Great way to memorialize the trip Flea, fantastic video! Appreciate your time to get all of the footage and putting it all together…awesome. Mark your calendars for next year boys!

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