Detox Week 6: Moooovin’ on Over to Healthy Side

Last week of Detox men. Power through this week and don’t forget to weigh in and post on next week’s wrap up blog.

This week we are cutting out dairy including things cooked in butter.

This includes milk (even in your coffee), the previously allowed cottage cheese, yogurt (even Greek), etc. etc.

Fortunately there are so many dairy substitutes that unless yogurt is a normal part of your diet, you won’t miss out much especially since cheese has been off the list since week one.

I have found Almond Milk is actually a really good substitute for milk. I’m the guy that growing up, his parents thought buying an actual cow was a cheaper option for all the milk I used to drink. But I have found that while it is a little thicker in texture, Almond Milk goes quite well in smoothies, protein shakes, on cereal and even as a good use for hot chocolate. I drink my coffee black so can’t speak there.

If you are using soy milk as a sub. Stop. Just stop. One of soy’s main active compounds is estrogenic isoflavones. Yeah, it’s like it sounds. And while I’ve always called soy the “sissy sub,” a Harvard study says soy can cause men to experience hypogonadism (decreased sex gland production) and erectile dysfunction. So there’s that.

In addition to using a sub like Almond milk, try using olive oil instead of butter to cook your foods. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids which have been shown to lower your risk for heart disease, lower total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, and some research shows that it may also benefit insulin levels and blood sugar control.

But why cut out dairy in the first place

Milk is actually pretty high in calories even if you are getting skim milk. When you are adding it to other stuff you are already eating, it can add to weight gain. Dairy also adds to inflammation. Especially in the gut.

There are some major health impacts too. Studies have shown there is a higher risk of fatal prostate cancer associated with milk. Though, I could not find what type of threshold they were dealing with. A glass a day? Two? Either way, not a good way to go.

You’ve been lied to about it’s impact on bone density. Studies have shown that people in countries that drink less milk are up to 50% less likely to get fractures and osteoporosis as those that regularly consume dairy. There was no accounting though for how many of them simply just avoid CSAUP events to spare their bones.

I started looking at why you shouldn’t use butter but came across more articles saying why you should steer clear of margarine. Excellent marketing on the part of the butter industry? Is there a butter industry? Who knows? But butter contains saturated fats which could be a whole other write up on why you have to moderate those. But definitely don’t use margarine as a sub. Geeze.

Let’s be honest, after Detox, you are going to go right back to eating things with butter, and putting milk in your coffee and what not. But if you can learn to make some minor tweaks along the way, Almond milk on cereal and in protein shakes, and olive oil for anything you cook in a pan at home instead of butter, you will find a healthier style of living with some long term benefits.

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  1. Almond milk is good with coffee. I normally put milk and sugar in. I substituted almond milk last week and it is pretty close to the same quality as the other two combined. M doesn’t fully agree, but she is more particular.

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