The SnoRuck 421 joke? That’s Gold Jerry; Gold!


I’m closer to 50 than 40.  I have 4 children who create a fair amount of chaos.  I have electronic gadgets beeping at me all day long.

My brain is frazzled.  There is no reason I should remember much at all, and it’s not too uncommon for me to walk into a room and forgot why I went in there.

But here’s something interesting.  I recall vividly where I was a year ago at about 3:30 in the morning.  I suspect that all the SnowRuckers of GoRuck 421 will all recall that time and place forever.

We were at the corner of Morehead and Winnifred.  Cadre was assigning impossible tasks and punishing us when we didn’t accomplish them.  We were physically beat.  We had hours and hours to go, and it seemed as though we were falling apart.  And it was cold.

Really, really cold.

And then something amazing happened.

For just an instant our SnowRuck lowest moment and our highest moment became one and the same.

But wait, doesn’t that statement contradict the starting philosophical position that “two contradictory truths cannot exist simultaneously if both are to be true”?

Ahhh  grasshopper… that is the miracle of leadership, followership and teamwork.  For when those elements come together, the lowest moment and highest moment can exist together – just for a moment in time –  and then the lowest moment is erased like it never happened, and the highest moment lives on forever.   It is an alchemy that turns crap to gold.

It happened for Moses and his followers in the desert.  It happened for Colonel Chamberlain and the boys from Maine on Little Round Top.  It happened for Gene Kranz and his team of engineers in Houston.

It can happen for us in our lives.  When we have a project going south, or our families are having bad days, think about how you might transform low moments to high moments.  It won’t happen every time, but when it does… that’s GOLD Jerry .  Gold!  Now watch this clip.

gold jerry


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  1. Very memorable indeed! The power of the team was amazing that night. I don’t get down to Metro or south CLT very often and I definitely don’t remember street names (aren’t they all Sharon something or Queens?), but when I was driving to St Gabes a few weeks ago for V2.0 bball game I saw many a street corner, church, and intersection that I remembered. It was amazing how the view from a warm car on a sunlit street brought back the vivid memories of a very dark, cold, tiring night. I had no idea where I was in the city during the night of #SnoRuck 421 but it all comes back when I see images like the photo above of Morehead and Winnifred, or driving by the Uptown Cabaret sign. Memories of places and men I won’t soon forget. Thanks F3 and GoRuck Class 421!

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