Bridge to Nowhere

3 Harrisburg men answered the (short notice) bell for an unsanctioned Sunday morning post. Making it up as we go, it went something like this…

The Thang:
Mosey around the back of the stadium….stop at the locked gate….turn around…mosey out to the school entrance.
Curb Merkins x10
Air Squats x…well, until a car made us move.

Mosey up hickory Ridge Rd to the bridge under construction.
Grab a chunk ‘o cement, curls x10
People’s Chair w/Air Presses

Mosey back up the road to the school entrance, around the back to the break area.
10 Box Jumps
10 Incline Merkins
10 Dips

Mosey back to the cars for Mary
One-Legged Low Flutters…straight into One-Legged Low Dollys
The Squirm
Heels to Heaven

1. Great call, Hootie. As you noted, it was the perfect way to start a Sunday, and the easy pace on the 2.5 miles we covered helped stretch out the legs after Saturday’s workout. #monkeyhumpersareevil
2. Went to check out the bridge to see if Wildcat could find safe passage by foot or bike instead of the long drive around. Not sure if ever made it past the cement pile, so may have to venture that way again soon.
3. “Fellowship pace” is a perfect description – great conversation throughout getting to know some of Harrisburg’s finest a little better.


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