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F3 | June 27, 2017

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Video: GORUCK Challenge Class 607 – Tallahassee, FL

Video: GORUCK Challenge Class 607 – Tallahassee, FL

Above: Congrats to the 10 F3 men in Tallahassee who are now GORUCK Tough! A backblast is coming later this week as well.




  1. Colonel Mustard

    Welcome to the GRC Family! A lot of smiles in the pics, who was the Cadre?

  2. Ballistic

    First off, as many Charlotte Pax know, I have watched TONS of GRC videos both prior to my first and after, and I absolutely love them.

    That said, this one was fantastic. It was awesome to see the faces of our Florida Pax, and not only that, to see them representing with their families and walking the F3 walk. So motivating in many ways, and inspiring to see similar character portrayed and developing in our brothers in another state!

    As for the GRC itself, congratulations guys! I KNOW it was awful, brutal, and all sorts of wonderful all wrapped into one. I bet in the first 15 minutes or so, many, if not all of you were thinking “wow, I didn’t expect it to be THIS bad.” Yet, you silenced the demons, worked as a team, and conquered. Thank you for firing me up, yet again!

    Any Pax on the fence about tackling a GRC, simply watch this video, and read their soon to be released backblast, and SIGN UP!!! It will change your perspective on working out, endurance/extreme events, and life in general.

  3. One Direction

    Doing the FSU Campus Proud! Awesome job guys. Go RUCK and Go Noles!

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