Some Editorial Guidelines for the Website

Men of F3 Nation,

This website has been carefully designed, with a lot of thought and effort put into making it useful to members of the Nation in a variety of different ways.  As F3 grows, we are putting some editorial guidelines in place, with the goal of maximizing the site’s usefulness for users across the Nation.


Please backblast all workouts and events, as this memorializes the downPAINments of the pax and keeps the conversation going into cyberspace and beyond.  Backblasts are also a great source for Qs looking for new workout ideas.

  • Workout Qs are responsible for writing their own Backblasts.
  • If you are not credentialed to post to the site, please contact your region’s Q-IT (see below) and he will set you up with permission and get you guides on how to post to the site.

The Butcher’s Word:

F3’s topical blog is intended as a showcase for original content generated by members of the F3 community with particular layman’s expertise in a given area.  The reference is to this line from the movie “Tommy Boy”: “I can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking my head up a bull’s ass, but I’d rather take a butcher’s word for it.”

Sweeper Boy will give you the Butcher’s Word on music. Gear Guy will give it to you on Gear. Agony writes and helps others wax eloquent on matters of Faith in The Convergence. The Hungover Diplomat mumbles inebriatedly on matters of Beer. The Conversation is generally open to anyone with posting rights and something original to say on the general topics of Life, The Universe and Everything.

  1. Posts on the Butcher’s Word should be long-form write-ups that represent original thought and content creation on the part of the author.
    i.      Please DO NOT use The Butcher’s Word to post links to articles that you find interesting or cool stuff you found on the Internet.  You might use an article that you found as a starting point for several paragraphs of observation and thought on how it is pertinent to F3, the Nation or the State of Modern Masculinity.  But when you dump a link onto the Butcher’s Word without no value add through your own thought, you’re pushing a post that someone put time and original thought into off the front page.
  2. We welcome guest posts, but please run them by the main author of the category in question. On Faith matters, in keeping with F3’s position of being open to men of all faiths and no faith, we welcome posts that speak from an “I believe” perspective and discourage posts written from a “You should/must believe” perspective.
  3. If you have a particular area of expertise and want to share that with the Nation in a topical blog, please contact the Editorial Board (OBT, American Pie and Sweeper Boy).  In particular, we are looking for individuals to revive our dormant blogs on Books and Nutrition/Health issues.

The Conversation

As mentioned earlier, The Conversation is a general topic blog open to all contributors, but we ask that all entries be original content and represent original thought on the part of the author. F3 policy is also to keep political debates, discussions and advocacy off of the Butcher’s Word, so please do not write on this topic.  We ask that anyone who does not already own a topical F3 blog submit a draft of their proposed Conversation submission to the Editorial Board for approval before it is published.

Preblasts and General Announcements

This area is for any kind of general announcement to the Nation about F3-related topics: a change in normal schedule, a new wrinkle in a current workout, new gear available for sale, an upcoming F3 event – anything that you would try to announce in all CoTs if it was possible to be in all of them. DO NOT use this area to post general announcements that do not pertain to F3 business.

The Forums

These are open to all topics and posters – if you have an F3 site login, you are able to post to the Forums.  This is the place to announce that you have Panthers tickets for sale, to start a political debate, to invite people to come to a new Bible study orto post a link to an interesting article or YouTube video.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation with these guidelines.

The Editorial Board

Regional Qs-IT

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