PAINinsula Revisiting Jim Thorpe’s 1912 PAINtathlon

22 PAX gathered in the gloom of the PAINinsula Harris Teeter, planted the shovel flag and went to work.


x = in cadence (i.e. 4 count exercise)


 The Thang

SSH x 40

Imperial Storm Trooper x 20

Invisible Jump Rope for 1 minute

Atlas x 20


Jog To Harris Teeter Wall for Lower Body Prelim

Peoples’s Chair for 1 minute

Squats x 25



Distance Running Prelim to Upper Body Prelim Event

11’s -> Merkins and Air Shoulder Presses


Mosey to Sprint Prelim/Final Event

10 60 Yard Dashes

Carolina Dry Docks and Little Baby Crunches (LBCs) while you wait at start/finish line


Core Prelim

11’s -> LBCs & Mountian Climbers (in cadence!)


Jog to steps for Lower Body Final

2 groups:

Group 1: 4 times down (run) and up (bunny hops)

Group 2: jump squats



No time for MARY (aka core final)


Naked Moleskin

1) Much like in Thorpe’s time, it seems the PAINtathlon is a two day event (no time for distance run, core, or upper body finals). I was really looking forward to the distance run final. Maybe next time. Plan was for a full body workout, but it turned into a lower body beatdown.

2) A lot of chirping early in work out, PAX piped down a bit during the LBC/Mountian Climber 11’s though…

3) T-Claps to the 2 FNG’s today! Way to bring it. And One is War Daddy and one is War Baby! I believe that is a first.

4) FNG Chris and Jorel were only 2 MEN who posted after attending HH last night. Must have been a good one!

5) Conflicting reports of head count (DT had 23). If I missed anyone, I apoligize.


Mac & Cheese

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