A Message About F3 Branding

As F3 continues to grow, we’re getting a lot of questions about use of the F3 logo, brand and name. As much as we despise corporate BS, we have to maintain a small degree of decorum around this as we grow as F3 Nation, due to all the places the logo needs to be used in our communities. Here are the other guidelines we are following for use of the F3 logo:

Is it cool with you guys if I get tattoo with a flaming arrow through the F3 logo?
Hell, no. Leave the logo alone. The circle around F3 is impenetrable; it belongs to everybody and to nobody and should not be contaminated by association with your tattoo artist, sports team, political or religious affiliation, race, creed, hobby or tagline.

<Corporate BS>

  • The F3 logo should generally stand alone, not in close association with any other brand or markings
  • The F3 logo is a licensed trademark. All uses of the F3 logo must be approved by F3 Marketing. F3 Gear sales are one of the primary means by which F3 supports expansion and pays the costs of managing the F3 website and other programs. For this reason, The F3 Gear store has been designated as the only officially licensed provider of gear with the F3 logo. This ensures sales tax is collected as required and enables F3 to receive license royalties that help support operations and growth.
  • Requests to use the F3 logo on gear or apparel should go to the F3 Gear team, which is headed by Malko (gear@f3nation.com)
  • All non-apparel and non-gear uses of the F3 logo should be brought to the marketing team (OBT and the Marketing Qs, Girardi and Sweeper Boy, reachable at email info@f3nation.com
  • For most apparel items, the F3 logo should be rendered in white or black at a size of between 2 and 4 inches in diameter
  • The white F3 logo is approved for use on black, navy, true red, army green and digital desert camo backgrounds.
  • Additional color combinations may be submitted for approval
  • The black logo is approved for use on white, grey and true red backgrounds that can take black lettering
  • You must use the official F3 logo (available by approved request from marketing@f3nation.com)
  • Custom logos on the back of shirts with a standalone F3 logo on the front are generally acceptable

</Corporate BS>

Let the beatdowns continue until morale returns.

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  1. Any planned merchandising tie-ins with the soon to be released, F3 blockbuster movie starring John Wayne as Dredd and David Janssen as OBT?

    I see plenty of branding possibilities – lunchboxes, pencil cases, three ring binders for the 2.0’s just in time for the new school year.

    Just sayin …

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