Character Rock

THE THANG:  5Rock10. Pretty simple. Run from the Rocks to the Bridge of Tears. Have NardDog and SwampFox select one hand-ripper sized rock for each two man team. Run to Lurker Base Camp. 10 Burpees at bottom and run to Top o’ Lurker with yer dang rock. 10 Burpees at top. Back to Base Camp and wash rinse repeat 5 times. Then run yer dang rock back to the Rocks, dump it and start bitching.


1.  The point of 5Rock10 was uhhhhh, oh yeah: Hand Strength. As a group our core is strong, but our hand strength sucks. Carrying yer dang hand-ripper-rock up to the top of the Lurker is a good weigh to get right on that.

2.  TClaps to The Beaver. Who the heck posts an FNG to F3Nation at the WIB with 5Rock10 chambered up?

3.  Prayers of Gratitude for Haywood’s rapid recovery from surgery. Get on back QIC.

4.  TClaps to Jude The Obscure Apostle for posting a second time since his Flying Emotional Head Lock. It took W about a month to do that.

5.  Some have noted that the ShovelFlag seems to now travel with the Faithful during workouts. Very observant. This is in fact accurate. Why? Because F3 leaves no man nor flag behind, ever. Even a walk-on (down 17) doesn’t get left behind. Aye.


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