F3/Gears BackBlast

7 of the Faithful gathered at Freedom Park in the Gloom, and the Pax picked up 3 more by the time we hit QR and Providence.

The Thang – 19 – 20 miles down Providence, Pineville-Matthews Road, Rea, Colony, Selwyn, QRW

NakedMan Moleskin

L10 picked up the group at the corner of Queens and Providence and didn’t seem to be his usual strong self.  Apparently he had a run in with the paper boy and had a spill before he even got out of his driveway.  He and Scrubbs cut it a little short on Rea, but Tclaps for picking it up and still getting after it.

The Rabbit, aka Ben Franklin, was going all out again, setting the pace down Providence and 51.  He let Moniteur take over as we started up the Colony hill, but stormed by and kept going.  Tclaps.

Apparently the highlight of the day was the sighting of the Bachelorette’s house on Colony.  Word is that several of the Pax will start staking out the place.  #Stalkers

Good job, men.

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