Why Join Twitter?

For those PAX in the know, twitter has become an invaluable source of staying connected with our fellowship. But you haven’t joined — why not?

Here’s what you’re missing and why you should join:

Status updates and information: no more or less.

There are no FarmVille requests, Words with Friends requests, or any other app requests for that matter. Status messages are all you see, and information sources abound.


Status messages are limited to 140 characters.

This is a big positive for the type-A, leadership types we are — you can read fast, and it makes you and other authors carefully construct your masterpieces. Plus links, images, videos can be linked and shared.


You choose who you follow and your engagement level.

Twitter is not Facebook… relationships are one way. If you don’t know the person who just followed you, there’s no need to reciprocate (but you can). Also, there’s no obligation to ever say a word on Twitter or to respond to people. You can be 1) Jay Bilas and follow no one but tweet all the time; 2) follow everyone but never tweet, or; 3) anything in-between.


Make connections with people you know (or don’t).

You can learn a lot about someone by following their tweets, including things you may not know.



Broadcasting information.

Got a group of people you want to stay in touch with? Twitter can be one-to-many, a la @f3nation.


1:1 or 1:many dialogue.

You can reply directly to someone (or a group) in public, or use direct messages to reach someone privately.


Get information and/or support straight from the source.

While twitter gets a lot of celebrities, the platform also gets a ton of subject matter experts and brands. Often you can ask a question and get a very quick reply. Here’s an example of me chatting it up with Nike+, or check this status out from Lance Armstrong:


It’s NOT another inbox.

You don’t have to keep up with it or reply to it like email. Tweets come and go. You choose whether or not to reply.


It’s made for mobile.

There are probably 50 or so apps for various types of phones and a very good mobile website. Plus, get SMS alerts from certain accounts if you want.


Become a knowledge source for your various communities.

Are you an attorney? Give pointers on why to seek counsel. Internet guru? Tell people why they should join social networks. Race director? Tell people why you or your company rocks:


It’s free.

There are no costs to join, and signing up is easy. See you in the twitter-verse. Follow us here:

Next: Phase II after joining twitter.

8 Replies to “Why Join Twitter?”

  1. I was not a twitter guy a year ago. Frankly, I just didn’t see the value and then the light turned on and it IS one of my killer apps now. I would highly recommend it to all. It is pain free. Think of it as your very own customized information feed. You only get communications from the people and groups you are interested in hearing from. Take the leap.

  2. Whoops, I meant to Tweet that last comment. See, that’s how big a Tweeter I am. I accidently Tweet. Yes Yes. I’m the WarDaddy 7 times out of 10 and I figured it out. You can too!!

    Heck, Hitman figured it out.

    CrotchRocket (a/k/a Jimmie Eat World) figured it out.

    Moniteur does it, and that dude keeps his IPAD in the box it came in with an F3 sticker on it. Seriously. #pathetic #canarycoalmine

    1. Yes, the iPad remains in the #ShadowBox – what am I going to do with that thing when I splurge to buy a cover? Can you take the F3 sticker off and reuse?

      And yes, I signed up for Twitter only to get updates from @F3Nation. And now….well, I just can’t help myself. Aye.

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