F3Foundation–BackBlast.5/18/12–Billingsville Field Day

Posting on behalf of FaSoLa:

We had a great turnout for the Billingsville Field Day this past Friday.  T-claps to all of the faithful who posted for the event.  It appeared to be an overwhelming success and I know I enjoyed it almost as much as the teachers appeared to enjoy soaking their kids. 

Incomplete Pax list – please shout out if you were in attendance –all deserve to stand and be counted!

Super Dave
Fa So La (and M.Fa So La)
Blago 2.0
Crotch Rocket
Kickin Chicken
Guitar Hero
And a few more….sorry!

The Thang

F3 helped head up the multiple stations for some good old fashioned fun in:

The Sack Race.  Bean Bag Toss.  Three Legged Race.  Sponge race.  Tug-O-War.  General Tom-Foolery.  Candy Over-Indulgence. 


_ While the kids seemed to have a blast – it was the teachers with their super soakers who appeared to be enjoying the water filled revenge more than anyone.

_ Super Dave, Crotch Rocket, and Boone wow’ed the field with their skills in the sack.  Race.

_ Amazingly, despite multiple spills and partner dragging – there were no injuries in the three legged race…

_ I think the Pax distributed enough candy to the masses to justify a tax deduction.

Overwhelming success and thanks to all for being a part of it!

Please shout out below if you posted and we missed you. 

All deserve credit.  And apologies to those left off – one too many laffy taffy…

NOTE: This Wednesday, 5/23, from 4:30-6:00 may be our last event at Billingsville before the Summer – come join if you can!




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