F3/Death Valley – 4.25.2012 – Ride 'Em Cowboy

14 of the Area 51 faithful gathered in the gloom this morning.


Joker [QIC]



Tiger Rag

Slap Shot




Crop Duster


The Shore

David Steve [FNG]

Pete Stewart [FNG]

Another FNG… name unknown… Bruce??


The Thang

Warm Up

-Side Straddle Hops X 20

-Merkins X 15

-Squats X 20

-Jog around track [1/3 mile]

Dips Medley

-Dips and Imperial Walker X 20

-Dips and Carolina Dry Dock X 20

-Dips and Squats X 20

Field Work

-Bear crawl X 2

-Crab crawl X 2

-Walking lunge X 2



Jacob’s Ladder – 5X, plus 5 burpees at bottom each time

6 minutes of Mary

1 mile — run at full speed

LBC X 20

Merkins X 15

NakedMan Moleskin

-Ah, the faithful were fairly subdued this morning, but the piggy back rides brought everyone to life. Your Humble Correspondent [YHC] had the pleasure of jumping on the back of Crop Duster, a strong horse to be sure.

-The Shore was strong on the one-mile run.  Without Tarzan and Ocho Cinco in the PAX today he didn’t face much a challenge.   You must have spent your summers in Jersey running like Forest Gump.

-Triple claps to 3 FNGs. 

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