F3/Dallas. 04/24/12- First Monday

A new tradition kicked off in Big D.  The Monday workout.  A large majority voted to add a 5:45 wake up call to the week.  

As I post this blog a little later than usual I can feel the soreness in my legs.  Welcome to the week!






Pussy Cat



The Thang


Dynamic Stretches

Run 4 laps of the field- .75 miles

100 air squats

60 second full plank

50 air squats

60 second mid( arms bent) plank

50 air squats

60 second low( nose almost touching the ground) plank

10 Diamond pushups

10 Peter Parker pushups

Leg extensions- 15 each leg.- While on ground lift hips to highest point while extending the other leg

10 Renegade rows with pushup

Lunge half the link of the field with hands above head or at chest, side suffle across, lunge remainder of the field

Repeat but with Power skip the same distance

Repeat with full sprint and karoake across field, repeat back

At curb- 

10 pushups with opposite arm on curb, rotate and repeat

20 dips on ledge

20 decline renegade rows

At field line- 30 seconds as fast as possible with two feet together- front-back, two feet together go side to side another 30 seconds

50 Bicycles

50 baby crunches

50 hollow rocks


Spartan Race coming!  May 19th!  For those interested we are going down to Lindy’s lakehouse the day before and will most likely stay over that evening until Sunday morning. 

Reminder that Wednesday the workout we be lead by OBT, flying in from Charlotte.  We should have great weather so come and bring a friend. 


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