F3/DiamondHead-BackBlast.4/2/12-Enemy Combatants

Posted on behalf of Spooky John:


15 of the faithful gathered to swing some iron around.  The Diamond Head crew has been treated to some excellent creative workouts with various implements of torture over the past few weeks.  Rookie QIC Spooky Jon decided to start slow and take it back to basics with nothing but kettlebells and gravity.  Luckily Red Warrior brought the sled of pain to break up the monotony and put the fire in our quads.  Spooky for one is surprised at how tiring throwing one of those iron balls around can be.  I was actually looking forward to the sled — until I was about halfway through it.  Thanks to the PAX for allowing me to lead this one and sticking with me through the rough spots.  


Red Warrior
Iron Mike (War Baby)
Purple Crayon
Tango Delta
Spooky Jon (QIC)
6 Mike
The Couger (War Daddy)
Kit (DH FNG)


(2 short.  QIC has terrible short term memory as exhibited by frequent use of Weinke this morning.  Sound off below and be counted).  

The thang:

20 KB swing warm-up.

Jog to the playground at bottom of Jacob’s Ladder Hill
“Warm-up” of:
10 Pull ups
10 Dips
20 Merkins
20 Knee ups
Repeat three times.

Jog back to AG Parking Lot for KB Circle

KB Two-Arm Swings x20
Alternate One-Arm Swings x10 each arm
Extended KB Press x10 each side 
Flutter Kicks
Quarter Get Ups x10 each side
Deltas (mysterious new exercise the PAX knows as Diamonds)

Sled Push 2 man teams remainder of PAX doing Goblet Squats

Back to Circle
KB Clean x 10 each side
KB Forearm Blaster x10 each side
KB Windmills

Six Minutes of Mary: Flutters, Dollies, hold’em, Rosolitas, High slow flutter, Bicycles, LBCs (more like four minutes as QIC overshot and smoked himself)


Alternative Transportation.  Not sure if 6 Mike has decided to decrease his carbon footprint, but he rolled in like Mary Poppins this morning on an old school mountain bike with the KB on his back.   Maybe a sturdy basket on the handlebars could relieve back pain and also help with road safety. http://letsgorideabike.com/blog/2011/03/my-take-on-the-mary-poppins-effect/.   

Running at the DH?  The PAX seemed surprised with the initial run w/o KB to the playground.  QIC points out this was not without precedent at the DH — and today’s QIC is always interested in precedent.  I think it was Blue who treated us to this special “warmup” several weeks ago and QIC enjoyed it so much he couldn’t resist a replay.  

Mumbling and bumbling.  Thanks to the PAX for sticking with the QIC today through a few missteps — what the hell is a DELTA???!!!  Clearly today’s QIC needs vocal exercises in the early morning hours as his call for a 10 count from the Nibbler was met with a nice count from the Cougar and general bewildered looks from the PAX accompanied a couple of other pleas for counts.  Thanks to Tango Delta for pointing out the issue with the QIC’s articulation.  I thought you guys were just boycotting the rest counts.  

Speaking of Tango Delta.  We now know what 45 pounds of kettlebell accelerating at 9.8m/s2 can do to human flesh and bone.  Well, maybe not human flesh and bone, but Tango Delta flesh and bone.  Last word is the elbow that absorbed this falling kettlebell is being tended with the miracle drugs of ice and ibuprofen.  Hope it heals fast and also wondering what the fantastic growth of F3 has done for ibuprofen sales in the greater Charlotte area

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  1. They say that my softball pitching career is over, yet other than that I should be good to go. RICE…rest, ice/ibuprofen, compression, elevation.

  2. Can’t take credit for the warm-up…that was 5-0. My addition to that escapade was to have the Pax rack their KBs and carry them down to the playground…only to not use them and then bring them back up. Quality Mind F.

  3. Posted (after taking a recovery hiatus post Spartan Race). Maybe I need to take down more of the “superpump” max powderi in the Spartan Bags. Magnus provided a post workout testimonial on its merits and now is trying to corner the market. For those who missed out, there is plenty more to go around and will continue to be distributed. Robocop is loaded as well. TClaps again for leading the PAX. Nutt

  4. How could I forget Nutt?! I have been running on those supps all day after Magnus’s endorsement. WARNING — the one laced with probiotics packs a kick.

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