F3Run/SIB–BackBlast.3/27/12–Trial By Track

Posting on behalf of Gangster Mouse, who QICed this AM:

Aye, the Faithful gathered in the Gloom for the weekly trial by track known as the SIB.  Perfect weather this morning with a nice cool breeze in the air for the morning downPAINment!

The Pax:

Gangster Mouse (QIC)
Rook (SIB FNG)
Rock  (SIB FNG)
Mighty Lance
Dark Warrior

The Thang:

800m warmup

4 x 800m hard, then ½ lap of walking lunges

800m cooldown

Total mileage: Just over 3.50 miles (.5 of which was lunges)

Splits were heard to be in the mid to low 3 minute range for all

After the track we finished up with a little 6-mins of Mary consisting of:

·         Little baby crunches
·         Rosalita
·         Slow bicycle
·         Low dolly
·         Fire hydrant (on hands and knees alternate kicking knees out like a dog relieving itself [insert joke here])

Spreadsheets from the Gloom:

·         The goal of this workout was to try and recover from the Spartan over the weekend and more importantly NO HILLS OR BURPEES!!
·         ½ a lap of walking lunges in between the 800’s seemed like a good idea on paper but after the first set the grumblings could be heard by the PAX and YHC contemplated an audible to switch to ¼ laps but a little pep talk from the Rock quickly quashed that idea.
·         T-claps to Rook and Rock (that sounds like a sitcom) for their first SIB.  They represented very strong coming of the Spartan.
·         Titan and Mighty Lance set the pace right out the gate and kept it going through out the set and Rook quickly caught up and joined them.  YHC took up his usual position anchoring the team to make sure no one snuck up from behind for a ninja assault.
·         Our usual obstacle “Backward-Walking Bicycle Man” hit the gloom early this morning and was actually finishing up as we hit the track so we had the track all to ourselves till the cool down laps.

YHC (Gangsta Mouse)

2 Replies to “F3Run/SIB–BackBlast.3/27/12–Trial By Track”

  1. Tclaps to G-Mouse, the first-time QIC. Strong, brother. Strong.
    Me talking about 200M lunges came as I was gasping after an 800M run.
    At that point, I was doomed either way.

  2. Sorry I missed it today, GM. Your plan of lunges inspired me to do about 100 meters of lunges this morning in my hotel gym…nothing close to your numbers. Not sure if your goal of Spartan recovery was met. Seemed like a beat down.

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