F3F – A Call to Action – Billingsville


The time has come to step up and be accountable. F3F is excited to announce its first service project located at Billingsville Elementary. For more information, please contact:
Super Dave                 dhendrick@collett.biz
Jet                             ksmith@newsouthprop.com

A Call to Action – Billingsville (Written by Super Dave)

Jet (Kenny Smith) and I are interested in finding a way to team with Billingsville Elementary to compliment their existing after-school program.  We’ve met with Principal Arlene Harris and have received enthusiastic encouragement to help them in any way we can.  We believe that we can provide an after-school platform for students to exercise, learn, and to express themselves and their ideas in a safe environment.   Our plan is to use the remainder of the 2012 school year to float a “trial-balloon” to see if our idea has merit and is a benefit to the school.  If it has traction and is well received; we’d plan to commit to the following school year as well.

Our goal is to keep it simple.  4:30-6:00pm every Wednesday.  F3 volunteers would post for a 90 minute session to include a low-impact fitness program designed to: 

  • build confidence/character
  • provide easily accessible male role models from the surrounding community
  • weave items from current curriculum into the session session (i.e. side straddle hop count by 3s to reinforce math tables/factors…3,6,9,12,15, etc.)
  • encourage healthy long term thinking (COT—name, age, nickname, future profession/future College, etc.)

The list of possibilities is endless and the school’s hunger for assistance is real.  We believe that F3 Nation has the ability to, by its presence on campus and its show of commitment to the kids, illustrate firsthand what positive male leadership looks like.  We are doctors, attorneys, developers, bankers, etc. and this population of students sees less of us in their community than they should. 

General Timeline:
4:30-4:45pm    Gather, fellowship.
4:45-5:45pm    Fitness, games, etc.
5:45-6:00pm    COT

The ASK:  a total of 10 additional PAX to commit to 90 minutes a week, every Wednesday from mid-April thru mid-June.  We don’t expect everybody to make it every week; however we think this number would give us enough to consistently have a strong, undeniable presence on campus as we run our weekly session.  Our statement should be as much visual as anything else—to give these kids a blinding look at strong, determined, caring male leadership in their community.

 Jet and I appreciate your thoughts and assistance on this.  Thanks in advance.

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  1. Count me in! I coach and have coached a number of boys from Grier Heights at Myers Park Trinity Little League. Over the past 7 years, I can remember meeting ONE of their fathers. They can use all of the positive male role models they can get! I have currently started a new position at work and my boss is ok with me doing this as long as I can be flexible. Let me know when more details come out!

  2. This will be challenging for me, but I’ll try. When I travel during the weeks, it’s typically Tu-Th so there are many Wed’s that I’m out of town. I’m gone the last 3 Wed of April and 1 so far in May, but if I’m here, count me in. So in short, please put me on the list.


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