F3/Run – RingRun Backblast 03/20/2012 – Lone Ranger

Lucky 13 of the Faithful gathered in the balmy morning gloom for the weekly RingRun thinking that this was taper week…


Glad Hander


Senior Chips

Level 10

Ricky Bobby

Film Festival

Cindy (QIC)

Malkovich (War Baby)


Pomfret (War Daddy)

Purple Crayon


Bird Hole ???


4.2 miles through Myers Park, including a loop around Chelsea/Dellwood/Clipboard Alley loop.  The following COP’s were performed at about each mile:

In cadence:

Mile 1:

18 Merkins x3

30 LBC’s x3

50 Squats x3

Mile 2:

18 Incline Merkins x3

30 Military situps x3

40 Squats x3

Mile 3:

Bear Crawl to second light post up lurker 2.0

Sprint to top of Sewlyn

Mile 4:

Burpee’s until failure at Queens University


Tclaps to the Pax today as our pace was well below 8 minutes for each mile.  The new and approved RingRun is not your daddy’s RingRun.

Lone Ranger:  Who was that masked man who tried to take out the Pax while galloping along Queens???  Come to find out it was none other than F3 brother Moniteur.  He  must be in full underground training mood for the Spartan run on Saturday. 

Tclaps to all the FNG’s at the RingRun this morning.  Especially Ricky Bobby who just got back from Key West after drinking the entire stock of Merlot the Keys had to offer.

The Pax are all pretty amped up for Spartan on Saturday.  Get your waiver’s signed and your mud gear ready.  F3 is going to run the show on Saturday.




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  1. I figured I probably couldn’t keep up with you guys out there, but I didn’t expect you to be coming up Queens that direction. Close call out there – don’t know I ran into, but my apologies. Looks like you guys were hitting it hard.

    I also ran into MMOB who was late but looking for the RingRunners. We got in a few knee ups and LBCs so not entirely a Lone Ranger.

    Good job today, men. See you tomorrow at the Bandit.

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