F3/The Uhhh…A*S*S*—BackBlast.2/2/12—Eclectic Musical Taste

14 men posted in the Freedom gloom for a painful start to the day.

Dredd (War Daddy)
Boone (War Baby)
Boat Misser
Exeter (QIC)
Super Dave
W and…
Double Knot


Run to first bridge over creek:
Lunge walk over bridge
Imperial Walker

Run greenway to and over second bridge over creek:
Hello Putin
Hello Sarkozy
Mountain Climbers
Peter Parkers
Parker Peters

Run to wall before Robert Plant stairs:
One Legged Squats (R & L)
Two Legged Squats

3×5, a variant of the Girardi Triple Lindy:
Diamond Dips, Run up Robert Plant stairs
Supine pull-ups behind park office, Run around to bottom of Robert Plant stairs
Decline push ups
Lather, Rinse, Repeat 5 times

Run to rails:
Crazy Train

One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer:
From the bottom of the Hill of Hills,
Bear crawl to level one and perform
One Merkin, One Wide Arm, and One Diamond
Bear crawl to level two and perform
Two Merkins, Two Wide Arms, and Two Diamonds
etc. to Seven at top level

Run to amphitheater with side step through park benches on the way
Six Minutes of Mary
Freddie Mercury

Return for COT


-It was duly noted that almost a third of the Pax consisted of shiny-headed cue balls today: Boone, Boat Misser, Titan and Moby. That’s the makings of a Charlotte-based Blue Man Group, with an alternate. Just drummin’….

-Along those lines, today’s workout included a number of eclectic musical styles, including the Blue Man Group, Robert Plant, Ozzy, Springsteen, Freddie Mercury, and the newly introduced George Thorogood workout dubbed by Dredd as One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer. Just like a Thorogood show, it had the Pax moaning for the end. Just rockin’….

-Speaking of rockin’, Dredd wasted no time in noting that YHC was rockin’ a handsome David Duval-esque mock-neck, or was it Cousin Eddie’s dickie? Pray for X’s golf swing that it is not the former. In any event, that thing was a bit warm for the temp this AM. Just sweatin’….

Humbly Submitted this the second day of February in the Year of our Lord, 2012,

10 Replies to “F3/The Uhhh…A*S*S*—BackBlast.2/2/12—Eclectic Musical Taste”

  1. Hold on there X, a few additional points for the Moleskin:

    1. It’s a disgrace when a 48 year old man is the WarDaddy. But, given that I was, it’s a further disgrace that I was smokebooted without an ounce of respect by a bunch of WarBabies. No respect or regard.

    2. You forgot SuperDave’s Play-to-Pay Body Stocking, which Gris mocked. Note: when Gris is in your closet, you are scraping the hull. Just saying . . .

    3. The BlueMen are taking over. Nearly a third of the PAX this AM were BlueMen. It’s a trend. #creepy

    4. Had to Mock The Mock. It’s short-lived acceptability (genius really, to replace a collared shirt with a (well) not-collared shirt and call it a “mock” as if that makes it OK) before it was killed by the giant redneck basket case that is D2. Now, 10 years later, we all have one in the back of our closet, but rarely does it migrate forward. #bignuts

    5. An apology goes out to BoatMisser and the other BOA guys as I was cracking pretty hard on the Sonoma SandHog and the Irish Gambler this AM. I know it’s not a presidential election and you just get these guys, but c’mon, seriously? Doesn’t the Gambler have a suit that didn’t belong to his dad (a much bigger Irishman apparently). Anyway, #Cobains to any BOA guy who might have been offended. It will probably happen again.

    6. How many times am I going to ask Titan if his Columbus Marathon cotton old-schooler is from Georgia and have reply (sadly) “no Dredd, Ohio . . . remember?” Sorry about that Brother. Your F3 name confuses me, even though it’s my dubious handiwork.

    7. Finally, and most importantly, you left out the spot-on comparison between you and “Al” from Home Improvement. Rocking the Full Flavor Savor has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Just saying . . .

  2. Sorry I missed this am! It looked like many of my “wheelhouse” moves. Nothing like rocking out 7 Merkins, 7 wide arms and 7 diamond in a row after bear crawling. My knees would have been permanently grass stained!

  3. Let us not forget that Exeter hard committed to transforming his gangly beard to bring the official F3 Spartan Mustache for the race. The look may catch on. Probably won’t.

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