Uh…..A$$ Backblast – 1/26/12 – Long way to go, short time to get there

15 anti-fartsackers emerged in the gloom to get with it.


Griswold -QIC



Guitar Hero



Canadien (FNG)

Swampfox (FNG)


Achtung Baby


Double Knot

Glad Handler


(Forgetting 1 – Please post in comments.)


Run to tennis court lot

50x SSH

20 Merkins

20 Mountain Climbers

20 Empirial walkers

20 Squats

20 LBC

20 Peter Parker Squats (Elbow to opposite knee)

The Box – workout around perimeter of parking lot

Plank walk short end of parking lot

Shuffle Long End

Bear Crawl short end

Shuffle Long End

Repeat with Plank Walk / Karaoke / Crab Walk / Karaoke

Repeat with Plank Walk / Sprint / Lunge / Backward run

Run to wall by stairs

One legged squats on wall

Decline push-up



Run to Baseball fields

Rail Pull ups – overhand then underhand

Baseball Parking Lot


Peoples Chair

Run to Train Lot

2 Min of Mary led by Dino

Naked Moleskine

The QIC is still working on time management so as not to run out of time at the farthest end of the park.  Other areas of improvement include remembering names and faces, and posting a workout at least in the same week it was done.

Because we had to doubletime back, Dino’s 6 Minutes of Mary was more like 2 Minutes. Hated to cut him short because it looked like he was just getting warmed-up. 

Several new FNGs including SwampFox from Cherokee.  Good to see you out there.

Although the F3 nation is getting stronger, the solid core is sometimes in disguise through the vehicle choices of the brethren.  L10 busted out of his Mini-Coop last week and Glad Handler came sliding in with his PT Cruiser.  Both claimed they were loaners.  We’ll see.


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