F3/Uhhh…A*S*S*—BackBlast.1/19/12—It's Official

19 of the faithful gathered in the gloom at 0530 for the first officially sanctioned version of F3’s newest addition, the Uhhh…A*S*S* (a/k/a the Anti-Sweet Six).

The Pax:

Exeter (QIC)
Little John
Assless Chaps
Level 10
Double Knot
Boat Misser
Boone (War Baby)
Buster (War Daddy)

The Thang:

Run 1/2 mile to soccer field:
25 SSH
10 LBC
10 Dollies
10 Flutters
10 Rosalitas
10 High Flutters
10 Bicycles

Run to parking lot near train:
2:00 alternating plank, right arm high, left arm high
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Peter Parkers
10 Parker Peters
10 Makhtar Ndiayes (hate that guy)

Run to base of Robert Plant stairs:
10 Merkins
10 Wide Arms
10 Jump Ups
10 Dips
10 Decline Push Ups

Run to rails:
20 Rail Jumps

Run back to train:
10 Pull Ups
15 Dips
20 Squats
Lather, Rinse, Repeat
Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Run to Lurker Road:
Lunge Walk to base of Lurker
Lurker (backwards to speed bump, sprint to top)

Mosey Home for COT

Naked Moleskin:

— Unlike the tome that OBT provided as instructions for posting the backblast, the QIC position does not come with a users manual. XQIC may need a cadence class before his next leadership posting as he fumbled on the count very early in the workout. Fortunately, the laughter seemed to subside as the pain set in.

— The lurker is always a crowd pleaser. Not much complaining about it today other than Moniteur’s disappointment that at 0612 we had run out of time time to hit it again. Maybe next time, Monituer, maybe next time.

— Dredd posed an interesting question in the COT this morning. Has Peggy earned a name change, particularly as he sat next to the delightfully named Cindy? Frankly, the Peggy nickname is just too good, and as a first-time QIC, Exeter was reluctant to make that change without further discussion. Maybe OBT can fashion us another interactive poll.

— Good to see Belk and Dusty in the Pax today. Very impressive given their 1.1.12 launch dates. More impressive is that Dusty was able to put down the cigars and single-malts to post. Keep up the good work, boys.

— QIC did not see this personally, but it has been noted that the cold weather not only causes shrinkage in L10’s nether-regions, it also seems to have shrunk his mode of transport. Nice Mini Cooper.

Humbly Submitted this the 19th day of January in the Year of our Lord 2012,

5 Replies to “F3/Uhhh…A*S*S*—BackBlast.1/19/12—It's Official”

  1. Great first time lead Brother. I didn’t even realize it until you told me. I also like that you declined my invitation to re-name Peggy as B3. A moment of weakness perhaps on my part.

  2. Exeter, awesome QIC (your cadence was flawless), I believe of note is that the War Daddy is the Daddy of the War Baby (wasn’t Buster’s Boone’s dad? That would be an F3 first no? – OBT the historian can verify. Both Belk and Dusty were pounding beers at Eds on Wed pm so kudos to both, and the Whit (the REAL War Daddy) was there as well since he is on IR

  3. To clarify, Buster is my father in law, passing through town on the way back to Asheville from the beach. A couple of post Uhhh…A*S*S* quotes: “It was really nice having a couple other guys at the back of the pack so we could take shortcuts together on the mosey back” and “about half way through, I thought you might be trying to kill me, seriously, so you could expedite your inheritance.” That prompted my wife to say, “he (me) was probably just trying to get revenge from the time he woke up with you (Buster) standing over him with a pillow,” but that’s another story…

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