GONADS/SweetSix.Backblast.10.20.11/Wind Chill

11 faithful Pax gathered for the SweetSix and planted the Virtual ShovelFlag on a morning that felt like March.

The GONADS included:


Red Warrior









Holtz (QIC)

Running times were impressive. We’re all getting stronger together. 

Despite the different times and speeds noted below, this isn’t about one man’s accomplishments. We are one. We all know we wouldn’t be setting the alarm clock with a 4-handle on it if it were not for our brothers. We all have many important matters on which to focus, but it is our brothers here that all make us accountable and make us pay the price and make the down painment on the morning.

RoboCop was notably quick out of the gate. Holtz eventually caught up with Robo, our fleet footed distance sprinter (fleet footed except when speed bumps are present). The two finished at personal best times – 44:35. 

TheMightyLance finished at a strong 46:00, despite a few in-run setbacks from the strong headwind (that seemed to always be in our face?) which blew his baseball cap off his head. RW and Canadian (47:30), OBT and Dante (49:30) and PBo, Sham and SixMike (50:00).

What about HitMan you ask? Interesting start to the run for Hitman as Maizy (his golden retriever for those of you who are not RingRunners) stopped him to pee twice and poop once within Mile #1. Hard to catch up and close the gap after 3 bio breaks. As always, dogs are welcome at any GONADS run. Also welcome are shirtless men. HitMan, you couldn’t go shirtless this morning? The bare chest probably wouldn’t go too well with your stocking cap and gloves.

The enticing donut smell we always encounter had a scent of cinnamon this morning. Yum. I heard someone saying this week that a bagel has more calories than a donut. That’s all the rationale I need…

Last and certainly not least, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to PBo – 39 years young. Rumors are he’s going with a mustache in November. Is that going to hurt your running times?

One more housekeeping item. Anyone interested in QIC’ing the SweetSix next Thursday? I’m out of town. 


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